So my take on the |Level 10 GT case would be themed off of the Thermaltake Logo itself. I'm a big fan of the color orange and Thermaltake's logo is all the excuse I need to run with it.

For the color scheme I was thinking I could go with my primary color as a proprietary color used by Scion in their Hotlava xD. The accent color would be the same orange with more red mixed in, to give it a blood red look.

For the back ground and edging, I would utilize a flat black and then coat it with 3M Di-Noc Carbon Fiber Film (

So you'll have to excuse my poor MS Paint skills they're all I have until I get better with Google SKetch Up. I'll try to post some better sketches later this weekend.

The main opening side will have all of its corners rounded off. I'll sacrifice on of the top 5.25 bays and move the spot for the radiator over so the top can be rounded. The top handle will be removed. Two handles will be fabricated and wrap around the case to form the top handles and brace the bottom as feet. The removable panel will be flattened out and a large circle window made to to better see all the fantastic water cooling Thermaltake will want to showcase. The power button and front access ports will be moved to in between the hard drive bays and the 5.25 bays. The back panel will have a similar hot pinwheel look as the fron but accented with orange acrylic backlit by LEDs

Here's the initial designs:

Thanks for reading! Good luck to everyone!