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Thread: The Claw scratch case build

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    The Claw scratch case build

    Update: 7-11-2011
    hey guys, im fairly new to the case fab scene, been modding xboxes and such for forever tho.
    im designing a case based on the Nvidia claw. right now i am still in the designing phase but i know what i want inside.
    Parts List
    AMD FX-8170 [[the whole reason for this build]]
    Asus Crosshair V Formula AM3+
    [[at least one]] GeForce GTX 590
    Ultra x4 1.05Kw PSU

    thats the basics of the parts so far. i want to put a Corsair H100 CPU cooler in there, Air for the GPU(s)

    Current Dilemma(s)
    How to attach the Chase Zone. and how to attach the Claw to the Chase zone.
    for the claw i want to use about 1"ID aluminum tubes, but then thinking about welding the tubes to the chase and the claw, how will i wire everything that way? so i think i would have to find another way to attach the tubes to one side, and weld to the other? i could seriously use some help with that one guys.




    now what I havent sketched up yet is a model of the case, so its hard to tell, but the 'Claw' will be raised and backlit just like this sign;

    Google Sketchup Models

    i left all the details in for reference purposes A.K.A. BIG FILE WARNING
    The Claw

    hopefully i can get some input from you guys!

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    The Claw scratch case build

    this is a rough sketchup for reference purposes, i have the plans detailed under my own drafting skills. please dont point out the things like the floating USB ports and no weld lines and things like that. just enjoy the design and help me improve it please.

    current model pictures;



    Chase Zone; for wire management and hiding various other things.

    power reset button handle behind the claw

    PSU mounting bracket with and then w/out the PSU for reference

    external USB ports; theres only four, located where the white rectangles are

    Slot load Blu-Ray located inside the Chase Zone

    my USB peripheral solution. a locking door that opens to the Chase Zone

    and i do indeed have a hinge worked out and planned for how the door will hinge. its deceptively simple. im working on the sketchup of it right now. will post when finished

    and believe me [im an architecture major] i KNOW and understand how impractical and pointless a lot of this stuff is, but once you move past that, i wanna know what you think?

    oh and apparently i left out the HDD bay, which is going to be riveted right above the MOBO

    be kind...

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    The Claw scratch case build

    This my friend looks fantastic. I can't wait to see it come along. Please take a lot of pictures, I want to see how you do this.

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    The Claw scratch case build

    hey guys i could really use some help figuring this whole thing out. 'my current dilemma' is something im still stick on. i could seriously use some expert advice. please?

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    The Claw scratch case build

    I'm thinking JB Weld, if I am understanding your chase/tube location.

    Also, what kind of CPU heatsink are you going to use? You have no clearance between the motherboard and the PSU, again... if I am reading your design correctly.

    Welcome to the forums! Hopefully a few more will chime in.

    Design looks kick ass!!!


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    The Claw scratch case build

    tech-daddy, can you explain a Jb weld? im unfamiliar with welding techniques, and i plan to use the corsair H100 Corsair H100

    the waterblock on it should be plenty low enough to provide clearance from the PSU

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    The Claw scratch case build

    JBWeld is a chemical metal epoxy. It is not a traditional welding technique. Super strong metal bonding using a product called "JB Weld" most auto or home improvement stores will stock this.


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    The Claw scratch case build

    wow! thats pretty awesome. how does it compare to traditional welding? ill read up on it now anyways. thanks TD!

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    The Claw scratch case build

    It's actually ideal for a lot of stuff we do. I've seen people that actually sand the stuff down and prime/paint over it.


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    The Claw scratch case build

    Joining the tubes can be tricky, JB Weld is a decent solution.

    For relatively cheap you can get a Hole Saw Drill Bit. Make the tubes penetrate the box and put the JB Weld on the inside. Then you can still use the tubes to run the wires quite easily.

    The case looks great.
    Impractical sure, but so what. Let corporate designers come up with the practical cases, and then we can make them better!

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