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Thread: Project: Anxiety Attack

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    Project: Anxiety Attack

    Hi guys, I am working hard on my 3rd mod, but this will be the first one I ever posted. So please bear with me, sometimes I forget to take a lot of pictures.It will be a modified ThermalTake level 10-GT case.

    I am not good at all with Sketchup so I am unable to show you my plans, besides they tend to change as I sleep and wake up in the middle of the night with ideas.
    I am disabled and this affords me loads of time to work on my projects, however the downside (besides my pain) is lack of funds to simply throw loads of money at a mod, bolt it together, and say whala! So I am forced to improvise. Yard sales, thrift shops etc for materials. I like this approach. I believe a "mod" should show someone's creativity, not their wallet. (maybe I believe this because I am poor)

    The case will be completely repainted inside and out.
    Hardware is:
    Asus P8P67 DELUXE MB
    16 gigs OCZ Ram
    160 Gig Vertex 2 SSD
    2Tb WD Green Data Drive
    ATI 6950 (flashed to 6970) 2G
    Standard Lite-On DVD/CDrom recorder
    Touch 2000 Fan controller.
    Media card Reader
    ThermalTake TR2 RX 850 PS
    Hyper 212+ CPU cooler.

    Water cooling is in the works. But as you guys know... not cheap. I need a 6 inch Vertical tubular Reservoir pretty quick because it fits into the mod and has to be put in before I have it painted.

    This is the case tore down, sanded and primed the plastic parts so far.

    Guess what these are for...

    Crazy game of Pac man anyone?

    They are being used for this;

    They are not attached yet, nor are they finished. I am replacing them with a thicker Acrylic. They add a unique look to the right front corner of the case, to blend in with the rest of the motif. Don't mind the color of the face plate, it isn't staying that color. I wanted to test how metallic paints would turn out. Horrible

    These will be the feet of the case.

    I had so much fun making those.....out of old pens. The plastic was cut from an old serving tray lol.
    This is the cheapest way to do things, which involves tons of extra work. These too will get a dose of thicher 1/8th plexi.

    That's all for now guys, I promise I will take a lot more quality pictures as I go. I keep looking for a Sketchup of the case but cant find one. and I would rather be messing in my garage instead of learning how to make a TT case in Sketchup. Second thought, maybe I will, because I would like to enter this in TT's mod contest of this case.

    Hi again guys. I still don't have a name for this dang mod, if you guys have any siggestions.. please let me know lol

    Next up I cut out the right side panel. I have Louvers I will put down the front side to help air flow to hard drive bay. The rest will be plexi which will cause me to have to do one hell of a fantastic job on the wiring so it shows (not sure ifI am that good or not, we shall see lol )

    Then I started in on the left side panel. Relocating the fan lower, and putting in a larger window.

    If you guys have anything you would like to see in this mod, let me know. Nothing is written in stone yet.

    I have a bunch of photos in my camera i need to shrink and post, possibly tonight.

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    Project: Anxiety Attack

    Well I would be further in my mod but got sidetracked trying to find a place to put all my small tools while I work.

    Thats what I came up with lol it's on wheels. Easy to slide next to me while i am working on the bench.

    I finally got alot of materials in

    got like 4' x 6' sheet of that.
    also got a 4x4 sheet of aluminum. All of that for this...

    Atleast I have spare for other mods I have lined up.

    Did get some painting done today, atleast on most the parts that require no modding.

    Now you can see the color scheme, Blue with Red. My camera isn't very good, but man it sure does shine.
    I have put the left panel to hell and back trying out different things. I have finally settled on a look and of course it has to be the hardest way to go.... go me! I am hoping to have it done next day or so.

    Also cut apiece of plexy for right panel and top panel that will be engraved with.. something, I have no clue yet it just looked like a great place to put a logo or picture or something lol.

    Oh my El light came in today, 12 foot of it, 5 way splitter if needed.

    Hey anyone have any ideas what I can do with the right panel? I was thinking of doubeling it up and putting a animated engraving in it, probably something red and blue of course.
    Talk to you guys again soon, should have a nice large update in a day or 2

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    Project: Anxiety Attack

    Well as per norm for me, I change designs on the fly.. here is some of the things that got done today.

    This is in 2 pieces, it will be lit from behind by El Wire (red)

    Some pretty Red shots of some of the things that will be accented in red, obviously.

    This by FAR has been the most difficult things so far... completely crafting these from hand with Body putty

    many many recoats later..

    Still not done. few more coats and more sanding, used like 10 bucks in sanding paper on this sucker so far lol.
    Believe it or not that took me all day to do those 2 things and wetsand the blue parts and repaint them for Coat #3
    Getting soo close. I am working with my brother now on coming up with a Theme for the windows. I am not that creative.... oh crap neither is he.... were screwed.

    Basically I have a 4x5 inch window at top I want to engrave something in to then light up red. Then the RIGHT side window is huge like almost 2 foot square. Not sure what to do with that to liven it up some. I wanted a large window to high light the wiring some.
    The left window ... not sure yet, probably a continuance of the theme used in the others. Really thinking of something like a Tribal Logo still.
    More tomorrow i hope.

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    Project: Anxiety Attack

    Didn't get a whole lot done today. This little thing took me like 4 hours to do. And it's still not done.

    Kitty approved...

    It's the giant fan grill I made for the left panel fan.. 240mm fan? or 200 .. something not sure lol

    Messed up some paint jobs, relative humidity was like 90% today,tried painting, have to start all over on it lol

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    Project: Anxiety Attack

    Hey guys, got more work done on this beast. I lost alot of time trying to teach myself how to friggin paint. Getting better at it. Had to learn things like prime first, sand between each coat, wait 2 days each, and ALWAYS pay attention to relative humidity. It's been like 80+ % humidity here in minnesota last 2 weeks and it caused hell on my painting. Lesson Learned.

    Example of the humidity... fogging up the glass on the camera Lens

    So now i finally got most of it done. Here are some partially completes pics.

    Quite a bit to do:
    Cable sleeving / management (huge job)
    PSU (something not sure yet, I'm a Thermaltake fanboi so I want to leave their logo on it.)
    Top plexi engraved
    El Wire hooked up.
    Left door is in oven as we speak, drying the paint. That should be completed tomorrow.
    And ultimately i would love to add water cooling in this beast. Most my plans included placements of reservoirs etc but money is a bit tight so that will be on hold.

    Few other gadgets I might be adding. They probably wont do anything special I just love gadgets. Possibly putting servo on door to open it, stuff like that.

    Welp thats it for now, please give me some feedback on what you think. I do enjoy constructive criticism also.

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    Project: Anxiety Attack

    I believe a "mod" should show someone's creativity, not their wallet. (maybe I believe this because I am poor)
    I wholeheartedly agree with you on that statement!

    I really dig the idea of the plexi side cover on the cabling side. But now you might need to design your wiring management a little more since it can ll be seen there.

    And you can't really go wrong with original Superman colors.

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    Project: Anxiety Attack

    I believe a "mod" should show someone's creativity, not their wallet. (maybe I believe this because I am poor)
    Couldn't agree more, sure some good mods come from remaking a case in a crazy fashion, but the greatest mods work with what the case offers and make it something extra ordinary. Definitely using this mod and the steps you've taken into stride while i'm praying for the results of the Thermaltake Mod competition to be in my favor.

    I don't know if you're still going for the arcade style theme on the case but an interesting idea for the convex side of the case in the mesh covering areas and the acrylic corner would be painting them with scene's/title screens of games like Pac-Man/Galaga/Dig Dug or something. Basically painting them like Small TV screens on the borders and then title screens on the mesh or something.

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    Project: Anxiety Attack

    I am glad to see others have the same views as me. Hell I was glad anyone even responded.. even to tell me i suck, that's OK too!

    and dang it, why did you have to say "superman" now i don't like the colors. Too late now lol. I plan on selling the whole machine when it's done anyway.

    I have a very nice idea on wiring. Sleeving is kinda boring so I am running all the wires in tubes, with nice 90 degree angels. Notching the tube to fix the plug so it looks like the tube is going into the device. I was looking at Aluminum or copper and bending it. Do you guys know any other material that would be good for that job? Has to be able to make sharp bends and down to 1/4 inch O.D. and up to 1/2 Inch O.D.
    Other ideas were...
    Water tubing. (too flexable, I want clean straight lines)
    PVC (not made small enough)

    Anything i am missing?

    OH OH I forgot to ask you guys, I have a big problem...
    I have Touch 2000 Fan controller and temperature sensor. Problem I have is, the buttons on the top of the case control fan speed and 3 colors and stuff. Do you know how i can hook them maybe in like a series so I can get the color adjustments from the button at least?

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    Project: Anxiety Attack

    Ok guys, finally got the left door done, what a bitch that was.

    Today I have the tubing ordered for the wiring. And when i ordered my El Wire I forgot the get a inverter lol. So that's on order also.

    The wiring will take me like 2 days i am sure.
    I also finished the right panel. I put LED's in the sides to light the engraved logo in it, looks pretty nice. I'll try to get a pic up later.I'm stuck trying to thing of something to do with this part...

    It's 4inches by 5 inches. and 3/4 inch deep.
    How about you fellow modders come up with some ideas I had thought about putting a mechanical clock in it with the gears showing etc. But too steampunkish I think.

    I have to go pick up a new LED fan for the CPU cooler. And decided to paint the fan on the back side of the case. Oh and the ram cooler isn't on in these pics.
    See you guys later.

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    Project: Anxiety Attack

    Could have swore i saved all those in the right position... guess not.

    Were getting there. I should have the El Wire installed tomorrow. then it will be time to put it up for sale lol
    Thanks for looking.

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