When I saw this contest involving the Level 10 GT, I knew it would be a challenge to come up with an idea that would transform this unique case into something different. I ultimately settled on a military theme, even though it has been done a few times before. I'm hoping I can put a fresh twist on it and be able to show something new. Hence my specific focus on Call of Duty: Modern Warefare 3.

After studying the case and its features, I decided to play off its compartmentalized design, with each section serving a different purpose: Ammo box, first aid kit, mini gun with ammo belt. Here's a quick photoshopped image of my concept:

I thought the dummy rounds would make great covers for the removable drives, and the right side would be a perfect place for a COD vinyl graphic. For the case feet, I threw in some claymore mines, in keeping with the theme. An AT-4 anti-tank rocket launcher disquises the top handle quite nicely too. ;-)

If time allows, it would be cool to motorize the minigun barrel for that extra bit of wow factor.

I'm still thinking about some internal mods as well, but this is all I have so far.