I have a design finally. I am horrible with Photoshop so it may take some imagination here. I can see things in my head clearly when I design mods but it is difficult for me to put them on paper for some reason.
I can work with Sketchup a little but since there is no model for this case available I am resorting to MS Paint..lol

Also, I can be much more creative once I have something in front of me to play with and take apart, etc.

Here is an image with descriptions of what I would do. I'll try a little Photoshop but this is all I got for now.

I like to see cases that are smooth and clean. This design I came up with is basically smoothing out the left side except for the hot swap area. I would use tinted acrylic to make a new door. Then the area on the front upper left of the case where the headphone hanger goes would also be smoothed out with the same acrylic to match the door. But I would add some customizations there that would be the Thermaltake logo and possibly do some trick back lighting to it.

For the top and down the front I would use a single piece of acrylic that would be milled with the same ribs as the handle has and run it the same direction so that it would match. I would stop it at the top of the hot swap bay. I would have slits cut into the groove areas that would be hidden so that it would have great ventilation.

For the color scheme and materials, I have 3 options I could go with -

1. Keep it all black using black acrylic sheeting to mill the ribs. Tinted acrylic window that is see through once lights are on.

2. Use aluminum plate for the ribbed areas and do a brushed look. Use the tinted acrylic for the window area. Black and brushed aluminum look sweet together.

3. Paint the whole case a bad ass Thermaltake orange with maybe a little pearl for some bling. The tinted acrylic would still look great with this.