I really got this idea while browsing the net for new sculpting ideas. I found something called "balsa foam". its very hard but very sculpt-able foam, that has a higher burn point than other foams. It cannot be melted but pretty much any other sculpting tool can be used to great effect.

The quick pic says it all. Well, most of it anyway.

the majority of the time would be spent in the sculpting application of this. You can go buck wild with the detail on Mayan style sculpting; it can appear haphazard and almost not seem to correlate but somehow the overall effect fits together.

Not shown - the other side of the case, a FULL side pic of the Mayan Calendar, but with "Tt" logo instead of Sun god face guy in the center (not blasphemy, I promise!).

Also a proliferation of vines (over the fans mainly to hide them but not kill the airflow), and lichen, and creative weathering to make it look jungle bound.

In this case, the cool feet would probably be turned out for stability and built upon, I envision a 3 step dais look to the base of it. (Part of that would help access to the release mechanism.)

As I look at it before submitting, I may change the release mechanism area just to a pile of rubble, and give at least a finger's sized access to that area.

Haha! Man, now I want to build them all!