Thx to Bod for the model!

I was able to do a little more on the concept.

This one would be high gloss black with the addition of brushed aluminum. Aluminum plate would be milled and wrapped from top to front. The design is a streamlined approach. To me it looks like something Tt would produce possibly. The ribs remind me of valve covers from some old muscle cars and so I thought it could tie into the "GT" in some strange way. The aluminum gives it that mechanical feel and looks awesome with black!

The hot swap bays are something that jump out in the design and gives the owner big bragging rights these days so I would leave those alone. They look super cool as it is.

I would make mounts for hidden drives to keep the flow of the case

The door would be made from .250 acrylic that is tinted enough to be black when powered off but will show off the insides when the lights are kicked on. I would make the door frame from aluminum plate and give it the brushed treatment as well.

I would have the Tt logo or full name engraved onto the window.