Thx to Bod for the model!

I was able to do a little more on the concept.

This one would be kick ass orange with the addition of a red pearl. Thermaltake's color is already a nice orange and I would add the red pearl to go with the TTesports color. Even the stock case in this color would look incredible I think. Maybe a limited edition, signature edition, or??

The hot swap bays are something that jump out in the design and gives the owner big bragging rights these days so I would leave those alone. They look super cool as it is.

This one is my personal favorite. I guess because I love bright and bold colors that jump out at you. It will stand out in a crowd and then once they all come over you can point out all the other coolness. Getting them there is most of the battle in a sea of computers.

I would make mounts for hidden drives to keep the flow of the case

The door would be made from .250 acrylic that is tinted enough to be black when powered off but will show off the insides when the lights are kicked on. I would make the door frame from aluminum plate and paint it to match.

I would have the Tt logo or full name engraved onto the window.

Other things to note :

Between the ribs would be some areas that are milled all the way through for air flow in critical places.
I may be able to retain the locking feature of the door.

Some things can't be determined until the case is in front of me.

I would also like to thank Thermaltake for showing such an interest in the modding community. It's nice that a manufacturer takes the time to recognize how much goes on out here and is wanting to get involved. This is certainly a "win-win" situation. You have people getting a chance to own an awesome case, and Tt gets to see a lot of design ideas that they may be able to put into future models. And let's not forget Modders Inc for hosting such an event as well.

There are a lot of great veteran modders here and a ton of new talent so this is anybody's chance to really shine.

Good luck everyone! 8-)