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    For some reason i'm not in a good mood at all. I haven't really been in a good mood since i moved down here. Mostly because i miss my bestfriend. The fact that seniors internet is being retarded and not letting me get to MI fast is annoying! Senior you need to call your aunt i dont care what the **** your mom says, your aunt will not call you back. So CALL.

    What do you folks do to get in a better mood. I usually dont stay in a bad mood but... this one is pretty bad

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    find a good game and get wrapped in it . or find something else to do ...

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    tried that, for one i've played all my games. Secondly seniors internet keeps lagging my games so bad its unplayable. I've been doing something "else" for the last 4 months or whatever its been. Doesn't help.

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    my internet is slow i know but at least it aint dial up get out of the bad mood. i will give you ice cream. as for my aunt im waiting 15 more minutes then imma call back

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    double post dude you cant torrent and play games at the same time on my dsl thats why you should wait until rigt before bed and do it.

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    Not torrenting right now. Thats whats aggrovating me even more. Damn dsl -.-

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    What i usually do is get a good read, be it online or printed matter. If you don't have the patience for a book, just go to pennyarcade. Nothing works better than a good laugh.

    hope it helps

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    I second the penny arcade notion, good ol penny arcade

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    It's a Dollar Arcade now. Ha Ha Ha The penny is dead.

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