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Thread: the modder strikes back...

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    the modder strikes back...

    Coming Soon... 0-0

    Figured I would toss in a couple final shots and videos up top for you guys!

    Tried to get a couple pictures that I was curious about before I ripped her apart..

    Half Hour after I received her:

    Very interesting design all around. I am very impressed with the case thus far and how everything had to have been planned out to make this case as impressive as it is.

    Yes that is a handle on top, and yes it is metal reinforced under the plastic, very sturdy, and the case is surprisingly light weight.

    So after I ponder for a minute.. It gets the beginning treatment of what will be a long, yet quick mod..


    So I haven't wanted to give away the theme up until now, but here goes, I think it will be easy enough to figure out

    So that was the basic work to the chassis of the case. In the next post I will update with some of the stuff I used to mod the case, and some more pictures.

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    the modder strikes back...

    Random Parts I will be using. I will post some stuff up as I get the parts in.

    A little thought to ponder.

    Some random parts I will be using. Getting back to my roots and using things that will not make any sense until they are put together.

    Here you see the base coat on the hard drive bay area. The end result will be taken from the engines on Anakin's Y wing.

    Some random stuff used for spare parts:

    After the base coat, I started with some stripes, adding the ping pong balls that I cut up to replicate the front of the engine's (which I later had to discard as the side door could not shut) and some of the white plastic piece's from the model that I used.

    The final product:

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    the modder strikes back...

    So with that being said, the top of the case was modded to fit R2-D2 who is remote controlled, his head moves and he talks. The window was done with etched glass, and a cutout of the Millennium Falcon, The whole case, chassis, and all black meshed panels were given a cosmic paint theme, and of course the print on the back panel of a classic scene from the Battle of Hoth, blended with a nice star fight scene. The light saber lights up, makes noise, and can be removed from the case for your amusement.

    Let's get to some final pictures! :Hi: Which by the way do not in any way shape or form do it justice.

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    the modder strikes back...

    Sorry for the lack of photos during actual modding. I was on an extremely tight schedule with this one, and between that and my daily job, I was hard pressed to get it done in time, but I did! :mrgreen:

    The pictures by far do not do it justice, however I am very satisified with everything I was able to accomplish in such a short period of time (about a week and a half)

    So let me know what you guys think!

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    the modder strikes back...

    Thought I would bump this being that I have it updated.

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    the modder strikes back...

    Very nice! this came out wonderfully!

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    the modder strikes back...

    Holy WOW! You crazy man, you painted inside the case as well! This is Star Warsy to the N-th degree, but it is also amazing.

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    the modder strikes back...

    Very cool! Could you go over how you did the mural on the back panel? Is it a vinyl wrap, or did you have it airbrushed?

    I like the Millennium Falcon etch on the window too.

    EDIT: Oops, just read your post lol. So it's a print. How did you stick it on? I'm looking to do the same kind of thing with my COD3 mod.

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