I was surprised nobody had thought of this before.

It seems everyone loves carbon fiber these days. Whether it's real of fake doesn't seem to matter. So there are lots of options to get the look of it from films to spray techniques.

Can you imagine this case if it were completely carbon fiber?

My idea for this mod would be to do a carbon fiber look on the case, add a couple windows to see inside, change out the case feet, and some remote control led lighting.

Most people stop at modding the outside of cases. I would do the entire inside as well by breaking it down to individual pieces and giving it the carbon fiber treatment. I know of a process that will make it look real while still retaining it's original fitment, but will get a high gloss urethane over the top. It will look like carbon fiber pieces were made specifically for this case.

I made a quick Sketchup since we are running out of time on submittals. I think it would be pretty easy to picture a carbon fiber case in your mind though.

I may not use the logos as you see them here but wanted to give you an idea of possible placement.

Check it out-