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Thread: Thermaltake Mod Submittal #4 - dmcgrath

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    Thermaltake Mod Submittal #4 - dmcgrath

    Sorry, I came up with another one, I know I promised the last one was the... last one, but well, here's the LAST one.


    I've been reading a TON of the Warhammer 40k novels the last few years and as much as I love the space marines and all they do. The Inquisitors are way more compelling of a story track for me. As well as the infantry stuff I've gotten to.

    They all have one thing in common though, they are all fighting the massive Corruption of Chaos. Everywhere you turn, bad guys-bad guys-bad guys.

    My picture really doesn't do justice to what's inside my head. I envision several things here.
    1) The case color, that blue green of Scrubs. It seems to really make the color red kinda 'pop'.
    Then make the case all beat up, scraped, exposed metal, some rusting some fresh.

    2) I want a huge artery filled with fluid pulsing across the top of the case & creeping down the sides.

    3) The sight window needs a small box filled with the same red (blood of course) fluid and it'd be nice to have some kind of spray nozzle in there splashing it against the window in beat to the pulsing artery.

    4) #2 and #3 would be a closed system, separate from any cooling system or anything in the case.

    5) The word "Corruption" burned into the case, starting on the side and over to the front. I have a heat gun that might do the trick, just make a template out of some cheap steel and fire away until the paint bubbles.

    6)I am really a fan of insulation foam as a modeling source, I think I'd use it here as well. I want to make the case oozing that stuff out of it's pores (so to speak). Much like in my other submission the construction accident one. Only on a far larger scale.

    7) The artery would be one of those places where I'd use the foam to secure it to the case and make it kind of part of the case as well, blend the two together.

    8) Success on the arterial pump would have to depend on a switch of some kind. I'd want to rig it to some lighting as well. Make lights glow, sorta dim and then fade every beat, or something to that effect.

    9) Of course, I still want access to all the front bays for equipment. But I would have to cover the front in the same bubbling corrupting foam goo as well. Hopefully not impeding any air flow too badly.

    10) Naturally the Tt logo on the fan port there. As well as the same design painted (or again, burned) in a large format on the opposite side.

    If I can think of anything missing I'll add to the post. I'm pretty sure that's it.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Thermaltake Mod Submittal #4 - dmcgrath

    Hey bro, I like the idea of the WH40K theme! I mentioned earlier on Facebook (Ronald Smith) that my idea is based on WH40K: Space Marine, so when I do post up my idea, just remember that I'm not trying to rip yours off, lol. I might even post pix of other cases in the theme as well, since I won't be doing it for this sponsored mod competition. Anyway, I voted this one as 1 of my top 3 votes, good luck!

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    Thermaltake Mod Submittal #4 - dmcgrath

    Haha, hey, thanks man.

    Don't worry about the copying thing. It's really hard to come up with a truly original thought anymore in this world of 7 billion people.
    None of the stuff I came up with are anything but variations on a theme. Maybe not specifically from computer modding, but definitely in the ilk of creative thoughts.

    Besides, the community is stronger when we all contribute, no matter what it is.

    I've always wanted to do a Space Marine star ship, I guess I did a small homage to it in my Gothic mod. Or maybe space marine armor. But of course, Chaos is far less rigid as a design motif.

    Keep me posted on your mod, I'd really like to see what you come up with too.


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