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Thread: Mayhems Aurora range of coolants.

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    Mayhems Aurora range of coolants.

    Just thought id post

    Mayhems Aurora range of coolants in development ...


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    Mayhems Aurora range of coolants.

    They look sweet!

    After the independent test come out soon, with any luck they will cool just as good as they look, if so I will gladly buy some.

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    Mayhems Aurora range of coolants.

    That is very unique and pleasing to look at. The pearlescent mixture adds to the look for sure but curious about the temp testing and the ability to not have the pearlescent stick to tubing and pumps etc. Interesting and looking forward to a review and some specs.

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    Mayhems Aurora range of coolants.

    Hey that is really kewl looking! I agree with sh4rkbyt3 and would like to see how it effects the cooling.

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    Mayhems Aurora range of coolants.

    Looked at these yesterday, thanks for bringing them to our attention. This can add a little more sparkle to a mod for sure. That white was beautiful. I can envision a Red/White/Blue pumping mod now.

    This stuff would go really well in a water cooled idea I've been brewing for the last few months. I may have to wait until testing is done, it would make the case that much more.

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    Mayhems Aurora range of coolants.

    every thing is on long term testing atm. There will be a PC at the I43 event showing the liquids off how ever until full testing is completed we couldn't even say if it will hit main stream or not.

    Its taken us 2 years to get this far with it.

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    Mayhems Aurora range of coolants.

    Mayhems - We don't imitate we innovate ...

    [video width=420 height=345][/video]

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    Mayhems Aurora range of coolants.

    I fixed your video.. You need the HTTP:... out of the embed code rather than the standard one they supply.

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    Mayhems Aurora range of coolants.

    thank you

    just to answer your questions above the cooling is +2c/+3c over normal water cooling.

    Its easy to clean out.

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