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Thread: Break the tie for BODDAKERS Mods

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    Break the tie for BODDAKERS Mods

    I voted for #1 but.... if the chaingun would actually rotate with a command/switch I might be convinced the chain gun would be better.

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    Break the tie for BODDAKERS Mods

    Thanks for all the votes guys. Yes, the idea was there to make the chain gun rotate. When I saw it done on Darth Beavis' Duke Nukem Forever mod, it was just too cool to not try and incorporate it into this one! However, if the Level10M idea wins out, it could also benefit from a rotating wheel on the side.

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    Break the tie for BODDAKERS Mods

    well Looks like the COD mod will be the one your community chose

    contact me for info on collecting the chassis and the next stage.... "The build"

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