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Thread: Cosmos S

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    Cosmos S

    My Cosmos S

    Just the acrylic to go on the panel job done

    Thanks for looking

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    Cosmos S

    That's a beautiful mod. Can you give any particulars?
    (Like, hardware used, coolant parts, what the box looked like before you modded it.)

    I'm really REALLY interested to know what the heck all those mini rheostats on the front of the case are for.

    Thumbs up from me.

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    Cosmos S

    Very clean, and neat. Love the white/blue color combo too.

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    Cosmos S

    Thanks for the replys its much appreciated
    Nothing fancy with the hardware,AMD dual core 5000+ on board graphics.
    XSPC blocks,EC6 coolant,Danger Den Rad Res,Bitspower Alphacool and EK fittings.
    On the front of the case are two Zalman fan controllers and a cd rom with an mnpctech billet cover.
    As i said nothing fancy but i enjoyed building it

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    Cosmos S

    Super clean I like it!

    Lovin the white and chrome fans as well as the white cabling too!

    One critcism though, the window looks naked without molding but other than that this is a beaut!

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    Cosmos S

    Thanks for the reply sh4rkbyt3 its much appreciated

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    Cosmos S

    Welcome to Modders-Inc!

    Wow super clean- just my style!

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    Cosmos S

    Case has had a bit of a clean up and a few changes,nothing posh.
    I could have done a better job on some of the build but it will do and im happy with it.
    Some pics.

    Thanks for looking

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