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Thread: project Sulaco

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    project Sulaco

    Great work. How soon were you able to do another piece from the mold? Right away after cleaning?


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    project Sulaco

    Great work. How soon were you able to do another piece from the mold? Right away after cleaning?

    the only sped limitation is the curing time of the resin, cleaning is remarkable fast, just pull off any resin that was not within the mould propper. it wil come away like a very thick sheet of plastic.

    cleaning about one min so turnaround time pouring to next pouring around an hour

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    project Sulaco

    Great job Toby and truly "custom"! So where DID the chinchilla wind up? lol

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    project Sulaco

    All shall become apparent in time lol... although on my budget it will end up as a hamster

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    project Sulaco

    Its door fabrication time, that means HERE COMES THE DREMEL yay!!!!

    First up, lets get this side taken apart

    Tabs off, lets pop the window out

    I will be using 1.5inch cutting discs from MNPCtech

    Measuring up the new window bezel and making sure my cut lines are marked well inside the cut.... CUTTING YAY


    Well that took ages lol, but the results are exactly what i need

    Next up, filling the acrylic for the window and starting the cut for the top mounting panel

    Unfortunately i couldnt get any shots of cutting the acrylic out as the dust was getting in my camera, co lets ump to filing and sanding the cut edge

    I will be using a rough sanding pad for this as i have a lot of material to remove


    Ahh there fixed, ther was never a huge chunk taken out of the edge... was there *swings hypnotists watch*

    In the next post... i start work on the top panel

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    project Sulaco


    A few weeks ago i was delighted to hear that NZXT had been kind enough to sponsor my project, for me this is fantastic, although sponsorship is a day to day affair for the more established in the modding community but for the new guy sponsorship is a big risk as they cannot be 100% sure there not being conned or that the project will not fizzle out to nothing. So once again its a HUGE thank you to NZXT


    After mugging my deliveryman and fighting my way in to the packing box (cudos on the secure packing)

    Lets see now we have.......

    The HALE90 (850watt)

    Sentry LXE

    Blue LED lighting kits

    Unboxing the PSU, what's in the box... well ok a PSU... i ment what else

    Nice to see a total lack of the typical polystyrene in favour for the non crumbely packing.
    Everything in perfect condition

    The PSU its self, NZXT have gone for white on the HALE90 series, with the recessed grill and 140mm fan the looks are pretty striking, and of course it IS modular

    Plenty of modular cables provided, all have good quality connectors, and with the all black sheathing have a nice uniform look. and all kept safe in a little carry case

    The main loom has plenty of connectors all sleeved in black braid

    On to the Sentry LXE fan control

    Again we have the same foam packing to keep it all safe, no part of the LXEs main unit was touching the box it was suspended in the foam for max protection, so many times have i seen components resting on cardboard after removing the cover package

    Main unit is very rugged 5mm alu face plate

    sadly i could not get a shot of the screen (camera flare central)

    Main PCI, Connectors a plenty here with power, 5 3pin PWM fan connectors and 5 temp probe connectors

    They have even included EXTRA temp probes just incase

    Also included, screws for pci mount, 8 pin pci plate to control lead, pads to affix the probes and a back up battery

    Last up the Blue LED strings, nice little blister pack, in the case of components like these i often see way to much in the way of packaging

    In the box we have pci plate, power lead and the string its self, the one pictured is the BLUE 100CM edition, 200CM is available

    On the rear plate we have a slider for 3 brightness selections and ofcourse the On/Off switch

    Once again a massive THANKYOU to NZXT for the sponsorship

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    project Sulaco

    BUSY BUSY BUSY, finialy has a chance to get a good run up putting the side pane together and making sure it all fits before final sending and painting

    Electrical tape, the modders friend

    This was a nightmare to get all the components in place to drill through what was technicialy a sandwich of cast polyester, steel and acrylic

    More drilling.. jeez......

    Making sure the holes line up for bolting

    This could have been a lot easier and faster but with limited resources one hast to think out of the box

    Test fitting the bezel

    The gaps are intentional, i will be covering them with brushes alu to add a little accent

    Tapping the holes for the fan/grill assembly

    MNPCtech 120mm overkill grills, Bill Owen over at MNPCtech is making 2 140mm versions of these for me for the top



    UUUU thats rough

    Most of the forming done, dremel+lap sanding wheel+awesome

    Main door fab finished, plenty of adjusting to come but thats the BIG fab done

    The fans are perfectly central trust me..... CURSE YOU CAMERA ANGLE
    NOTE the 2 triangles outside the bezel are intentional, not sure if there going to remain tiny windows or to cut them through in to blow off vents

    And no way in hell am i removing the protective film untill im done

    So much still to do, but its gunna be great fun

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    project Sulaco

    Finaly got time for an update, here goes....

    Time I started work modifying the NZXT Sentry LXE to modify it for the front of my case top

    Cutting is going to take a while, love or hate NZXT most will say there products are sturdy and the LXE is no different, the front bezel is 5mm anodized brushed alu

    let the cutting begin, for this i will be using the trusty Dremel with reinforced cutting discs but even with good discs this will take a while... i will spare you a million shots of cutting

    2 hours.... YES 2 HOURS later......

    ok now I have got the bottom off time to make it fit the shape of the case top...... time for this to go on a diet

    ok now its the correct size

    On to the next problem, this is black anodized and brushed so i have 2 problems... i need bare metal..... AND the brushing is in the wrong orientation


    Flat sanding using 400grit wet and dry paper, very similar principal to lapping a CPU, but with the larger surface area this will take longer

    After 30mins

    After an hour

    After 3 hours and 30 seconds under a mouse sander to rough the surface

    Next up... rebrushing to match the direction of the metal i am using on the case, 800grit wet and dry until silky in apperance (you must sand only in one direction or your just sanding not brushing) after a uniform finish is attained its on to 180gritsand paper untill you end p with...

    There fixed.... coming up in next post New supply drop

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    project Sulaco

    Awesome work! I love that you take the time to rebrush your metal. Attention to Small details make cases look sharp.

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    project Sulaco

    lol Damn monkey you get around

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