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Thread: project Sulaco

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    project Sulaco

    I am everywhere!!!

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    project Sulaco

    excellent work! I like the case that you chose for the mod!

    Good luck with the project!

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    project Sulaco

    What's on the menu today???...... Filling... mmmmmm my favourite... *Runs ff to cry in the corner*

    I hate filling but these things must me done, the first plan for the side had 2 vents on the side of the window using the old window shape as a guide, but on reflection it just looks like I missed a bit so time to bring out the filler

    Spot the missing bits??

    Ok here we go, first up, making plates to fill the gad befor I fill. I have cut off a lot of metal to make the window shape and i need metal of exactly the same thickness to bridge the gap in the panels.......

    TADAAAAAAAA use offcuts for spare material

    OH look a perfect fit.... LLLLIKE A GLOVAAAA!!!!

    Time for the filler, i wont be giving a tutorial on this as most brands differ by huge amounts on the part to part ratios, this one is a 1-50 mix with a working time of 5mins, sandable in 20mins and complete cure in 2 hours

    FYI... love the smell of the stuff...... from the yelling i am going to assume my wife does not

    Worked with it a little to long but made sure i applied thick enough to get away with it....

    Now on to the sanding....... there did you like that.. me too

    After a full cure it is ready to prime but first.....

    NURSE???????? BRING IN THE PATIENT!!!!!!!

    It is time to operate on the

    I need to get it apart to mask off for priming

    A naked PSU.... shield the children's eyes

    Primed. And i found out a matter of note.... spraying in a room with zero ventilation that is only 40cubic feet is not good for you......... but it sure is fun

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    project Sulaco

    One of my fave activities today..... Chassis cutting

    The NZXT Tempest Evo can accomodate a 240 this rad in the roof although you wouldnt know until you take the 140mm fans out.

    So i was about to make some templates for some rad holders when as i took the 2 140mm fans out of the roof i found a set of mounting holes, now if these are for a rad im not sure but they match up to the middle set of mounting holes perfectly with 120x15mm spacing and apart from mounting i can see no reason for them to be there. The airflow is very restricted though due to the centre plate so without further ado.... LET THE CUTTING BEGIN

    First up, marking out the areas to remove with extreme prejudice and a dremel....... HINT... dynamite is not accurate enough do not use.. although i doubt it would scratch this case, rugged is not the word

    All marked up, now for the fun.... erm i mean "now to cut out the areas with supreme precision"

    ok thats the top cut out, now for the side.. when making the side wondow i completly forgot to make sure that the fan would fit next to the drive bays..... whoops it didnt.... and so..... MORE DREMEL

    By a massive stroke of luck the removed bays make a great area to install my PSU hood and new drive holders..... and now if you will excuise me i have work to do and i plan to pretend i intended to remove the bays all along......

    coming up..... Cereal boxes and there many uses

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    project Sulaco

    Fear not Guys and Gals i have not abandoned you all, i am waiting on a ton of deliveried for supplies and several sponsors including


    Lots of updates on the way as soon as i get my shipments

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    project Sulaco

    Oh good, I was hoping to see an update on this one. Congratulations on the sponsorships.

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    project Sulaco

    Oh good, I was hoping to see an update on this one. Congratulations on the sponsorships.
    Thankyou, with this beig super low budget the sponsors really help.

    Oh wow you did the Aztec TG, live that build dude, you did the impossible..... made a GT look pretty

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    project Sulaco

    Supply Drop

    It is that time again and another supply drop has arrived, this time it is my much anticipated EK Watercooling

    So lets see what we have on the box........

    Fittings, Res, CPU waterblock, MB waterblock, Pump, and Some EK UV blue coolant

    First up for a closer look, the MB waterblock for the ASUS Crosshair V formula

    The Crosshair V only has space fo a small MB waterblock but it looks great non the less

    I am happy to report this comes with all the fixtures you will need and the thermal pads too

    Next up... CPU waterblock (Supreme LTX AMD)

    Ahhhh a thing of beauty, chunky and very heavy for its size, always reasuring

    This also comes with all fixing you will need, and the AMD LTX blocks do not require a dedicated backplate

    Next... EK multioption res 250basic

    I am mystified as to why this res is called the basic, the options are just great, whilst it lacks the 2 front facing ports of the advanced model it gains a top port ideal for filling

    Inclided... 2 port caps, bolts for mounting, mounts and threaded internal tube

    Fixings, not a lot needs to be said here exept they are all of great quality. In a break from the norm i will be using barbs as i like the look. Same goes for the UC blue fluid, i simply cannot resist UV blue and EK has some of the best UV dye around

    Last up, from EK, the pump, as i am using a cross flow rad that will be roof mounted i wont need a hugely powerful pump to move the head of fluid so i went with the nice compact DCP 2.2

    Again there is plenty supplied including 3 to 4 pin converter and mounting brackets

    And my radiator the Hardwarelabs GT Gen2, this is a cross flow with ports on either end rather then the traditional PC watercooling of a twin layer return flow, and perfect for my requirements, great flowrate and perfect for clearing board architecture that may get in the way of a more conventional rad


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    project Sulaco

    Holy shit.... that is a lot of beautiful water cooling toys. I'm going to have to start looking for fixing for my project soon as well.

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    project Sulaco

    UPDATE TIME!!!!!!!

    So this week its been all about the PSU cover and res holder combo
    BUT.. there was a problem, when i could have ordered some nice smoked (very easy to cut and bond) Acrylic, i messed up and ordered the nightmare to cut and bond that is Perspex (plexiglass) so there was some serious outside the box thinking to get around it

    First up getting all the pieces together (couldnt get pics of cutting wayyyyy to much airborne dust) )

    First off i tacked all the pieces with superglue that i gelled with a little water...... it fell apart 3 times resulting in a LOT of swearing, finaly the main shell was tacked

    The task began of finding a way to bond the perspex in a way that could take the stresses as obviously superglue will fracture if subjected to a shock....... so..... an hour of wandering around the house searching for old stockpiles of tools and misc decorating odds and ends when an idea struck me..... why not use the car body filler that i used on the side panel...

    SUCESS!!!!!!! It aint pretty but it sure is strong

    and the starting of the res holder an front plate

    more later when the glue and filler fully cures and i can go mental with a sander

    IN THE MEANTIME...... another....... SUPPLY DROP

    This time Enermax who have been good enough to assist me with this project with some amazing Vegas Duo fans

    And here they are

    so whats in the box i hear you cry... well ok i dont but here it is just incase you did cry it

    side by side 120mm and 140mm Vegas Duo fans, and the accessories from the the packs

    Each fan comes with an attacked micro speed control and mode button

    each fan also included rubber mounts and a 3pin to moles adapter

    Now on to the 2 main features, the first is the brilliant click blades, a simple puch of the back of the blades and the blades unclip from the body of the fan, brilliant for cleaning and modding

    at this point i need to point out that the blades are clear with a silver stripe to reflect the led arrays around the housin

    and the second main feature of these amazing fans... the LED array, with the Vegas Due this is a twin array (blue red), the big brother to these the Vegas Trio have triple arrays of red, blue, green and more then 11 modes on the Duo alone"[/video]]the Vegas range in action

    And to finish off this supply drop the back of the box

    and i simply had to add this as it just caught my eye.. there is a tab on the top to make it easier to open the fan packaging so you dont destroy the package... kinda cute

    A massive thanks to Enermax for the fans

    MORE COMING SOON.......................

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