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Thread: project Sulaco

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    project Sulaco

    Big update in the works, another supply drop ASUS this time and more work on the PSU shroud

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    project Sulaco

    After 10 coats of paint and clear the side panel has finaly been MOSTLY put together, stll have the brushed accents to fit over the bevel gaps but the majority is done

    Durin the undercoat and fitting of the bevel i noticed that i had forgot to redrill one of the bolt holes that go through the window, metal and resin bevel to hold it all together.... so i grabbed my trusty drill and used the origional holes as my guide

    HOWEVER, whilst drilling, the drill dropped to fast and shattered the body filler on the covered cutouts, so it was back to the filler for some quality swearing and repair work

    Then it was time for more undercoating and then several layers of metalic black paint and then several layers of clear enamel, and then the headache of putting it all together

    Building the side and making it work as a structure has been a long road, i dont have the tools most do for a fast job so it has been slow and steady work, there is still some finishing to do on the door but that will wait until i get the top and front bezels almost done and fitted

    To finish off today's update here's some LED fan porn courtesy of Enermax Vegas Duo fans

    For all those interested, the fan grills i am using are 120mm Nautilus 'Overkill' grills made by

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    project Sulaco

    Just before the festivities i managed to get a rare nugget of time to finish the PSU shroud

    First up a monor admission...... the mk1 broke a bit.. a child of mine who shall remain nameless knocked it on the floor causing the most frantic game of jenga in the history of the universe so the repairs commenced

    Once it was all reglued and reinforced it was time for some frantic filling and sanding

    Once the majority of the sanding and filling was done all i needed to do before undercoating was cut a hole for

    OK i will state the obvious... UNDERCOATING

    After a painfully large amount of painting and sanding and waiting for cure times i could finaly text fit it... seen here with my georgious EK multioption 250x2 res Basic his res will be the corner stone of my all EK watercooling in this system

    and yes i know its not lateral to the line of the case its a test fit

    Next post later today the installing of my beloved water cooling

    Massive thanks to EK for all there help i could not have don't this without them and there amazing products and assistance. more coming soon

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    project Sulaco

    As a little aside i decided to get a table saw or a bandsaw, BUT i cant afford one and my wife will kill me if i do buy one

    So whats the solution..... MAKE ONE

    Heres a quick guide

    You will need....

    • Cheap workbench
    • Old Shelves
    • Spare wood (must be perfectly straight)Wood ScrewsG or speed Clamps (optional)Cheap jigsaw

    You dont need to build big in this case the final surface area is 18inch square but use your own size it can be modified

    Take your shelf or left over wood and mark out your cuts to make the working surface in my version as the shelf is 9 inches wide i need to make 2 planks 9x18

    To make your joined work surface you need to use some more spare wood to make the rails on the underside, just cut your spare to match the length of the work surface and mark up a number of holes to screw the frame together

    Clamp everything together tight, your final surface mush be perfectly flat

    And here is how it all looks fixed together

    With a set square mark up some lines so you can make sure you mount your saw perfectly in line with the sides

    Drill holes for the saw blade to pass through you can have as many or as few as you want

    Remove the base plate from your cheap jig saw ans drill some holes in it for your screw/bolt holes

    Once you have that all put back together and have remounted your saw to its base and then to the work surface you can flip it over and mount it to your cheap work bench... this is where the split top in the bench comes in really handy to put the body of the jigsaw through, then just tighten your bench up it will grip the base of the saw and you are good to test it

    i tried both free hand and with a guide i made later, i must admit free hand is a little scary you are afterall working with an upside down jigsaw but using a guide it is realy easy and the cuts are perfect. you will be able to see on the pic below which cut is free and which is with a guide


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    project Sulaco

    Supply Drop

    As the project reaches its close and the next project is waiting in the wings I was delighted to hear that Bitfenix wanted to share some of there products with me

    I am usually dubious when it comes to pre-sleeved cables you never quite know what to expect in terms of quality but i was very very pleasantly surprised

    So first things first, whats in the box...

    Bitfenix Alchemy Cables

    As you can see we have a substantial drop here, including, 24pin, 3pin fan, internal IO, USB and 6pin PCIe. And an added bonus or some LED flex strips (chainable)

    The 24pin connectors are very neat indeed and available in several coulurs, peronialy i like black and blue, an even sleeker look is achieved with a no heat shrink design

    The same no shrink is also true of the 6pin PCIe

    Some of the other cables in the range due to there design have some heat shirink but are presented very neat and precise

    All pins and connectors are high qualty with well deffined pins some are plated for better contact

    The sleeving realy is excelent, unfortunatly i dont have the time or resources to sleeve my HAF90 PSU but thankfully now i wont haft to, the sleeving is both dense and attractive

    Finaly we have some Bitfenix Alchemy LED Flexstrips
    I have seen and owned many different types of these over the years but Bitfenix have gone the extra mile and made them chain able, several connectors are included to allow you to daisy chain many strips in to one super long strip

    Each flex strip is supplied with molex connector, power lead, 1inch chain connector and a pair of micro chain connectors

    Available in a variety of colors and lengths when the description read "Super Bright" they were not kidding, 4 of these can light a large living room, and the LEDs are top notch for quality

    It is a massive thanks to Bitfenix for sharing some of there brilliant Alchemy series products with me

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