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Thread: project Sulaco

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    project Sulaco

    Hello All

    So, im new here this will be my first of hopefully many project logs,
    in the first few posts ile outline the project and whati hope to end up with

    Including my inspiration, how im going to get the job done (were talking a low enough budget to make a victorian family cringe)

    And hopefully gather some interest for tips, help and some much needed support

    I have a background in design and a lot of plastic scratch building from an addiction to 40k in my youth. As i lack a lot of the serious tools i will be coming up with some interesting ways round common problems

    By the end of this i shall be hence forth known as "Dremel Boy" or if the cutting wheel slips "The 9 finger Noob"

    So watch this space for what could be either an epic tryumph or epic fail... but hell either way should be interesting

    First up some of the sources or inspiration, I suspect most can have a good guess from the project name

    The good Old USS Sulaco, Marine carrier ship from Aliens

    The Atmosphere processors may best reflect the feel, its heavy industry with big lines and chunky details

    The case i am going to build on to is the NZXT Tempest EVO

    Chunky Styling is allready a feature so it should be a superb platform to build on to

    So were going with chunky industrial lines and a plated metal look to it, fan grills currently in design phase (OMG there huge) pics soon

    SO why choose an NZXT Tempest evo?

    Well lets look at its attributes

    For a midtower this is huge.. and that's with a capital HU!
    Steel Chassis, sire its not light but it sure as hell can take punishment and support some seriously heavy gear

    And of course every ones concern.... cooling... although it has none of the trappings of 20mm fans it sports plenty in the 120mm to 140mm range. for me (A die hard air cooler)
    it is perfect, but also sports 5 water-cooling grommets
    Did i mention the case was big???
    And on a final note... the case is big lol

    Side on

    Large tinted window and 120m fan with filter. A slight departure from most windows as it is mounted outside the case sitting proud of the side panel, it really helps to keel the case symetrical whilst also gaining a slight amount of extra clearance for the larger aircoolers out there


    Well we are back to "ITS HUGE" no more bleeding fingers from case edges for me, i can in stall my rig in this and use it as a spare room for guests, its clutter free and the HDD racks are tool less and can be removed completly for GFX card space or for controlers to be hidden away behind the front support


    /jj461/tobyak/IMG_4874.jpg" alt="" />
    Recessed ports prevent them getting kicked or knocked... we all know the pain of hearing a crunch leaning over our pc and viewing the horror of a USB plus pointing 45deg out of the port, well break your ports no longer... and the area infrobt makes a handy dandy place to keep memory cards (well for me anyway)

    It has great strong lines and a sharp clean shape, its huge panels leave plenty of space to mod in to/ on to/ over or through, its such a huge case with so many possabilities offered my its strong frame and sheer size that it was a huge headache picking a theme to use

    I have been an NZXT fan for years, right back to the LEXA, and we are talking pre blackline edition

    So without further boring you all to death (condolences to those who died of bordom reading)

    Project Sulaco............

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    project Sulaco

    Greetings Tobyak!

    Out of curiosity, where are you modding (region/country)?

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    project Sulaco

    WELCOME to Modders-Inc!

    What a great movie Aliens is... "Game Over Man!"

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    project Sulaco

    If you ever need any tips/tricks on cutting corners without cutting your fingers, just ask. I used a completely low budget approach way to make my mod and I am happy with the overall results.

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    project Sulaco

    @ monkeyfun.. ahh we meet again, I am UK based, sunny (lol) South Yorkshire

    @ Americanfreak... they (they aliens) mostly come at night... so do my posts lol, thanks for the welcome

    @ dcmgrath..... Thanks dude, if i get stuck prepare for pestering

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    project Sulaco

    Bit if a post backlog dump today folks, get your reading glasses

    To compliment my fans for this build (ENRMAX Apolish Vegas blue) I wil be making my own custom grill/intakes

    First mock up of the front grills, all hand made form plasticard, sorry no work pics for these at this stage in the build i had not picked up a decent camera

    Ahh plasticard my new BFF

    All constructed in .5mm plasticard, slightly smaller then you would expect for a 120mm intake

    Finishes intake fresh out of the mould, at this stage they are very brittle, and need to cure for several days, maybe even a month to be on the safe side

    Twin mk1 intakes and cutouts for Silverstone media panel, and blue ray drive, layed out to test fitting and space on the panel

    And yes i know the intake flanges are not perfectly symetrical.... i have a cunning plan for that later

    NOTE, allways use a canister filter mask when working with polyester resin... i did not, took 3 days before i stopped seeing double

    Had some spare time today between work and fending the kids of with a dremel os have doen the prelimiary design of the side panel for Project Sulaco. Very Industrial with big intakes, think of it as a cross between an indulstrial cooling system and an escape/airlock

    Prelim sketch (no laughing it was quick lol)

    First stage, wire frames and checking the size works for styling

    Materials :

    Renders of the window (not true colour)

    Still a lot more design to do before i can start some serious fabrication

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    project Sulaco

    Here is a few more shots of some elements that are driving the design

    Sulaco inner airlock[/B]

    Exterior airolock of the Nostromo

    Why have a note on the OUTSIDE of the airlock warning against explosive bolts... if you are outside to be reading that then the bolts are the least of your worries

    I am hoping to incorporate some of these details in to the finished design, perhaps not to clean and clinical as in the Sulaco's inner airlock but cretainly with the same sturdy build

    Awaiting supplies for casting and some materials so on with the bezel....

    First things first, test fitting

    However soon a problem arises, IE the flanges on the surrounds are not symetrical, a minor disaster but not the end of the world. i have a cunning plan.....

    First up, covering up that nasty gap between the 2 intakes with a fresh sheet of plasticard, set i place with 2 part epoxy

    Then i needed to begin forming it to the original lines of the intakes, without some better tools then i have its time to make use of the sturdy kraft knife and some precision files, making lots and lots of incise cuts to edge my war closer to the main form, the feathering this creates also makees the final cut off much easier

    3 Hours later

    Next up, giving it that deep set duct that i so wanted to look lik an air con or ventilation unit

    For this I had to use several strips and glue then end to end to get the length strip i needed, left to dry for 48hours, a huge amount of time to dry poly ut as the glued join measured 20mm X 0.5mm it needed to be solid

    Once the epoxy on the reverse has set i can go ahead and poly the join between the edge of the duct and the top sheet, i have allowed some extra material to remove later, I am sure all of us would rather need to remove more rather then find we had not removed enough

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    project Sulaco

    I am posting pretty fast to play catch up, PLZ PLZ check for replies to those who have responded. I have replied it jsy may be bedded down several posts back

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    project Sulaco

    Sweet build! Is that Plasticard polystyrene? I love that stuff too. I used it quite extensively on BSG.

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    project Sulaco

    Sweet build! Is that Plasticard polystyrene? I love that stuff too. I used it quite extensively on BSG.
    Yes, it is indeed polystyrene, you really cant beat the stuff for ease of speed of work

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