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Thread: HD window (1st mod)

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    HD window (1st mod)

    Hey... its my first real mod!
    i started with an old 2gb maxtor 8216OD,
    and ended up with this:

    whaddya think?

    btw the scotch tape on the window is intentional. I like the fuzz look it lends.

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    HD window (1st mod)

    neat looking cut, does it still work ?

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    HD window (1st mod)

    Well I'm not a fan of the tape but otherwise looks good. GJ

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    HD window (1st mod)

    yah... it still works, but why would i need a 2gb hd?
    it wasnt working at first, but then i spacered the cover up with some old nuts i had lying around... and presto it worked again...
    (im actually typing this on the computer that runs this hd+another 4gb one)

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    HD window (1st mod)

    after some consideration, and friend's input, i have declared the tape on the window "fugly" and removed it

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    HD window (1st mod)

    ahhh Much better! now thats something I'd put in my computer.

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    HD window (1st mod)

    at least its only a 2gb hd, any hard drive you open unless its in a clean room has a really really good chance of failing rather soon even if you are real carefull.

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    HD window (1st mod)

    Nice work... Now pull out that 36 GB Raptor :twisted:

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    HD window (1st mod)

    i dexided... its my first mod, so why not do it on a 7 year old hd, then if i f up... its free!
    and im not going to touch anything worth more than 20 bucks for a hd window mod! i had a butt lkoad of trouble getting this one working again after i modded it.

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    HD window (1st mod)

    Just for info here is a WD Raptor with a pre-installed window... Nice >

    As you can see you can have your cake and eat it too 8-)

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