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    Gymkhana Mod

    Welcome Everyone! :wink:

    I'am Moddingboy from Hungary. Let me show you my undone PC case what is my first CaseMod project.
    See the details...

    -THE IDEA-Before my story I would like to describe where the idea and the theme of the case came from.
    Ford Fiesta... driven by the famous rally champion Ken Block. This car is used in Block's latest drift video called Gymkhana 3.
    If you don't know just watch it:[/video]]
    I was captivated by the amazing video and the unique design of the car so I decided to make a PC case looks like this style..

    -Stock Pc case

    I had the idea but not a case to bring the idea to real life. In a few days I successfully found an ASUS miniATX case with good handicaps.


    MSI - Cooler Master - Kingston Technology - Sapphire Technology - DREMEL - PC Gear - Modding Computer - Codemasters

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    Gymkhana Mod

    Day 1: 2011-06-22 / Task: Bottom coverplate
    On the first day I made the bottom of the case more cleaner so I cut a measured piece of 0,5mm (1/50&#34 aluminium sheet and filed it until it was fit perfectly. Before these things I had to remove some pop-rivets for better access.

    Day 2: 2011-06-23 / Task: Create the fan 'slot'
    This day I tryed to get rid of the stock fangrills and increased the diameter of the front-fan hole from 9 to 12cm for higher airflow and less noise.

    Day 3
    : 2011-06-24 / Task: Side panel
    According to my plans the interior of the case will be painted to glossy white and has white lighting. This is nice if you see it so I made some modifications on the sidepanels.

    Day 4
    : 2011-06-25 / Task: Front side
    I try to copy more details from the car to the case - front bumper grille. So I need to redo the front of the case to made a place for the grille. I had to be very careful with the cutting because the plastic was very melty and without the original braces the front panel came unstable and fragile. After this I need to remove the On/Off button and its controller so I had to make a new place for this staff.

    Day 5
    : 2011-06-28 / Task: Monster logo
    The most important detail is the cut-out logo of the Monster Energy on the sidepanel. First of all I drawed the outlines then cutted-out the unneccessary parts with a multifunctional tool. To get the perfect shape I filed with very little filers for hours...

    c="" alt="" />

    Day 6: 2011-06-29. / Task: Monster logo
    ...and hours...

    Day 7: 2011-06-30 / Task: Monster logo
    ...and hours. Did it!

    Day 8: 2011-07-01 / Task: ASUS letters
    I had to remove the embossed ASUS letters on the sidepanel because there will be edge-lighted green plexiglas on the inner side of the sidepanel. I sanded it with sandpaper so no more letters..
    on the outside. Few hours of filing

    Day 9
    : 2011-07-05 / Task: ASUS letters

    Today was for the inside of the sidepanel. I bought fiberglass filler. I have never used this thing before so I had to pay attention to avoid further correctings. I sanded the surface and drilled a few holes (for better adhesion) then cleaned it with thinner. After the mixing of the two components of the filler I had 3 minutes before it dryes. After 10 minutes I sanded the filler with finer and finer sandpapers to the perfect surface

    Day 10
    : 2011-07-08 / Task: Redo bottom coverplate

    The cover sheet I did to the bottom was proved too weak because during some test-assembly the poprivets bent it a little. :? So I decided to double the thickness and redo the plate but from 1mm aluminium sheet.

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    Gymkhana Mod

    Welcome to the Forums!

    I did a small drifter style mod myself...

    but I got a funny feeling yours will be better ;-)

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    Gymkhana Mod

    Moddingboy, fantastic work. Welcome to the forums!

    Dwayne, I loved that drifter mod of yours, it was neat to see what you guys all came up with.

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    Gymkhana Mod

    Americanfreak, dmcgrath - Thanks for the positive welcome :wink:

    - Nice case! I like the flame design

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    Gymkhana Mod

    Day 11: 2011-07-11. / Task: Fan slot
    This piece is paused at the second day but today I finished it. I cutted de perfect piece from an 1mm aluminium sheet and after the markings I sawed the circle out. After this, there was sanding then happiness because its done.

    Day 12: 2011-07-18. / Task: Plexiglassin
    Fortunately I had a lucky day so I found clear (seen-through) plexiglas what is mounted by me to the sidepanel immediately. But before (as always) I was planned the position of the holes and drilled it out. To drill the plexiglas I used a very new (mmm shiny!) drillbit and do it with easily and slowly. The more fast and strong drilling the more mistakes (breakings etc.)

    Day 13
    : 2011-07-19 / Task: Auto grille, putty, sanding

    I assembled the case and mounted the bottom coversheet. The case-bottom has an old place for pc-speaker. That is ugly ... will it blend? I made it disappear with putty. Clean shapes.
    I bought expanded (is it correct?) metal sheet /which is almost the same as on the cargrille/ and after bending I cutted to size and it fits for its place.
    Notice: The bottom coversheet in my mind is mounted to bottom of the case with the holes on it. But the size was wrong. Suddenly I found some old hungarian coins for this problem. :mrgreen:

    Day 14
    : 2011-07-27 / Task: Front Controller panel

    As I mentioned before I had to find new place for the powerswitch and its stuff. No comment the photos says everything.

    " alt="" />

    Day 15: 2011-08-02 / Task: Wrap around the front plastic thing
    Where the buttons there is the plastic frame. I would like to wrap itt with Carbon vinyl but since I didn't have the required tools to do that I ask my friend to help me out.

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    Gymkhana Mod

    Day 16: 2011-08-04 / Task: Installing switches
    The big red one for the power, the little red for the reastart. One toggle for the interior lighting and one for the monster logo. The green LED is for the power, the red is for the HDD.

    Day 17
    : 2011-08-06 / Task: Monster fan grill

    The day whaen I made a Monster fangrill for the rear 90mm fan. The designed shape was cutted out from vinyl and I stich it to a 1mm aluminium piece. Few raw cutting then hours of filing. ~9 hours of work. :grin:
    The grill will be painted to glossy black and It will get a green vinyl to the center.

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    Gymkhana Mod

    Looking great, the Di-Noc switching plate turned out excellent too! This should be a great build!

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    Gymkhana Mod

    sh4rkbyt3 - Thank You! :wink:

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    Gymkhana Mod

    Day 18: 2011-08-11 / Task: HDD cooling
    As you can see more of the half part of the bottom of the HDD is covered (what a long sentence). There is air what isn't moving at all and it makes the HDD hot. I thought about cutting a hole to the metal covering but after made it the result wasn't as nice as I waited. Something was missing..
    Good for me because I didn't throw away the stock grille from the front. I cutted a piece of this grille and I put to the cutted out ventillation hole. On the pictures you see I had to use some rubber wedge-thing for the mounting.
    The final result is nice and the temperature of the HDD is lower now. I hope you like it.

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