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Thread: Corsair Graphite 600T MbK

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    Corsair Graphite 600T MbK

    Sponsor Update!!!

    For the Corsair 600T I made a deal with a great sponsor ................... Bitspower

    Thanks for the great products. This will become great with the matt black Bitspower products
    Had to wait a long time for this package, unfortunately it was a long time at customs.
    And had to pay a fine as well, but it's all worth it

    And of course very happy started unpacking right away

    To begin the Black freezer VG-NGTX580

    A beautiful backplate with it

    And great accessory kit comes with it

    Two Black freezer HDD coolers, the HD-S350

    A nice reservoir, the 525 Bay Res

    Very sexy modkit for the D5/MCP655 pump

    The D5/Mcp655 Modkit

    And a new top for the D5, the Mod top V2 extreme

    I also have a nice collection of fittings etc. All Carbon black style

    Carbon Black 1/2" fitting

    Carbon Black stop fitting

    A Carbon Black Fill set + Mini dual extender

    The Rotary 45-degree extender

    And the Carbon Black rotery 90-degree Extender

    And finally 2 x Five Rotary Snake-style dual adapter

    It took a long time but was really worth the wait.

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    Corsair Graphite 600T MbK

    Sorry you guys for the pics above but photobucket is doing strange things, while I have a pro account???

    Update !!!

    After all these beautiful products, it's time for modding
    I used the original HDD bracket with the BP blocks. Going to mod the bracket, but for measuring it's ok for now

    I have the top Bitspower modkit and top, therefore I've bought a Alphacool D5-VPP655 - Single Edition / No Top saves a lot of unnecessary plastic.

    So the pump is almost finished now, only needs to sleeve the power cable

    P0rn pump

    The tubes will get another touch.......... sleeved tubes
    I have also changed the midplate, past a layer of 3M Di-Noc CARBON FIBER FILM .Looks better with the sleeved tubes.

    And another important change, the motherboard!
    With the Asrock mobo is nothing wrong, but there was a pleasant surprise coming my way
    namely ........................

    I want to thank MSI for providing the MSI Z68A-GD80 (B3)

    Well-filled box

    Test report with good numbers

    And the beautiful mobo itself

    This will fit perfectly in this build ............................ Thanks Niels

    After placing the MSI mobo and some Bitspower components it's time for the tubes.
    All placed pretty nice with little curves

    Just a little tut regarding the tube sleeving. Maybe useful for some of you

    Take a piece of precut tube

    And some MDPC tube sleeve

    Some wide heatshrink and tyraps

    The tools

    The heat shrink I marked 2cm long

    I kept the sleeve 5mm on both sides of the tubes 5mm shorter (for the tyrap)

    Heated the 2cm long heatshrink carefully with heatgun. Sleeve doesn't like heat, so keep distence with the heatgun

    And shrinked

    Tyrap around

    That's it.............have a nice weekend!!!

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    Corsair Graphite 600T MbK

    coming out great!

    I said it for other mods and i'll say for this one also, the sleeved water lines look freaking awesome. :wink:

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    Corsair Graphite 600T MbK

    Update !!!

    For this build I had the idea to put a big 3-slots Asus ENGTX580 in, but I've made a mistake. The regular waterblock doesn't fit on this one. I don't like the water-block for this card
    The full cover block for the "normal" GTX580 from Bitspower is so much better, so i've sold the big one.
    Then I received wonderful news from my friends at ZOTAC.
    They were willing to sponsor this build with two beautiful Zotac GTX580 graphics cards.

    For this I am very gratefull to ZOTAC, especially Chris, Craig and Carsten

    The package

    Of course unpacking and admiring right away

    The great ZOTAC GTX580 1536M 348BIT DDR5



    Chipset Manufacturer NVIDIA®
    GPU GeForce® GTX 580
    Core clock 772 MHz
    Stream Processors 512
    Shader Clock 1544 MHz


    Memory Clock 4008 MHz
    Memory Size 1536MB
    Memory Interface 384-bit
    Memory Type GDDR5

    All necessary cables etc. are present

    And software, books + game: Assassin's Creed â„¢: Brotherhood game bundle

    Some final pics of the two beauty's

    To start with I replaced the stock cooler for Bitspower block, even though I have only one block
    the second one is on his way

    Dismanteld the card

    Removed the compount and cleaned everything

    There are several thicknesses of thermal pads included, 0.5 mm and 2.5 mm. At the top of the gpu is coming 0.5 mm thick pads.

    Past the compount again

    Placed the risers in the Bitspower block

    And gently placed the block

    Turned everything around and placed the various sizes (according to manual) thermal pads.

    Placed the Backplate and Screws..............and the GTX is finished.

    GPU was already good looking with the stockcooler but this is p0rn. Tonight i'm gonna place the first gpu with the tubes and see how it looks
    So more to come


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    Corsair Graphite 600T MbK

    Great work , the rounded courners of the case works wonderfully with the carbon fiber

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    Corsair Graphite 600T MbK

    Great work , the rounded courners of the case works wonderfully with the carbon fiber
    Thank you

    (sleeve) Update!!!

    Just finished with extending and sleeving the psu for the 600T. So just a lot of pics...... no more talking

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    Corsair Graphite 600T MbK

    Update !!!

    Finally a 600T update After placing the first GTX580 and doing some tubing. And this is the result

    After this I made another 5,25 plate. This one looks much better

    Conected some blue leds

    Also placed a blue led in the reservoir

    And a first look with the great Mnpctech window

    And then the second ZOTAC GTX580 installed with the second Bitspower VG-NGTX580

    Think this looks very good

    And playing again with some sleeved tubes and Bitspower links

    3M Di-NOC Carbon and sleeve together

    And Again the big window

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    Corsair Graphite 600T MbK

    Have you modded anything before? I'm not familar with your name or how you even got these sponsors

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    Corsair Graphite 600T MbK

    Have you modded anything before? I'm not familar with your name or how you even got these sponsors
    Yeh, I've did some builds before. My site is madebykier
    Hope you recognise some projects

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    Corsair Graphite 600T MbK

    Update !!!

    When seeing the total package I was not very pleased with the blue/ purple acrylic at the side from the psu cover
    It doesn't fits the case with the blue leds on. The acrylic outside looks fine, but inside it just isn't right I think.
    So made some changes to the psu side panel. The idea for this was coming after I,ve did some brainstorming for some branding.
    I was placing some casebadges from ZOTAC And then it hits me !!!

    Why not do a special thanking to my sponsors because without them this build was not possible with these high-end products.
    I'm going to make a new sidecover with the engraving of all logo's from the sponsors
    Just a little tut how I did it:

    For this I'm gonna use my good old dremle with flex shaft

    And I'm using for the lines and shading diamond wheel points

    Print and cut the logo's from ZOTAC, MSI, MNPCTECH, BITSPOWER, and Coolermaster

    Using the ZOTAC logo and past it behind the acrylic

    For me it works better with a dark background and a light aside the acrylic

    Engrave the outlines with the diamont point at low speed

    Removed the logo when finished all the lines from the name

    and then using the diamond wheel

    to do the shading

    After lots of coffee and some hours... the result

    Ok I could have let a machine do it, but it's more fun doing it yourself

    After that I've drilled some 3mm holes for the blue leds

    Placed the leds

    And there you have it.... your custom psu sideplate with sponsors :clap:

    Thanks for watching

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