My idea was to make an Mayan themed case.

I'm sorry if my Mayan/Aztec/Olmec references may get mashed together at points. I'm busy studying the various points of all of them and I'll try not to mess that up. But for all intents and purposes it should be classified as Mayan based since the HUGE calendar is going to be on the one side.

Some of the ideas are really straightforward, stone textured/colored. Moss in the cracks and vines and what not.
Some of this stuff I can get at a local train/plane/miniatures type hobby shop. I will have to go with a Balsa foam sculpting medium that I really like the idea of. It will easily translate into looking like a stone material, and be light as heck. The glue and the paint on it will probably end up weighing more than the material itself.

I will probably omit the window in the side since glass wasn't around...
Unless I can make it some kind of a cave/mouth/opening. That will have to come when I get the case in my face.

Like I mentioned on my original submission, the release for the door may be somewhat modified from my drawing. I may just make it part of the ruins and make it accessible to a finger to press on it.

I think the key areas may be easily hidden behind some special "stone" that is removable, maybe with an embedded magnet to keep them in place.

I do still want to wholly contain this rig's functionality/versatility by keeping the front slots, perhaps modifying the location of some of the buttons or omitting them as needed is all. And I think having the headphone hanger still available but a large sculpted item would also be a nice touch.

Pros,Cons,input all accepted!