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Thread: Project : L3p D3sk

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    Project : L3p D3sk

    Hi there

    I'm quite new in the casemodding world, but since they liked my build at several sites i wanted to post it here too.

    First i want to introduce myself here and tell how i got this idea.

    Im Peter, 30 years old and im from the Netherlands.
    Im pretty new in the casebuild and watercooling world.
    Started with my first 486 when i was 14, always been a hardware addict.
    But 2 years ago i had heat problems so started reading about watercooling.
    I got totally addicted, but then the next problem came with that.
    Lifting my 34 Kg case 8 times a day wasn't that good for my back.
    And at the same time i needed a new desk.
    My other build came to an end and didn't know what to improve.

    Really want to thank Pascal for his pc-in-a-desk idea. After seeing it I couldn't even sleep that night

    Im busy with this build for 8-9 months now, did the most in the 3 week vacation i had.
    Did all the rest after my 50 hour/week job.
    Taking a rest now, but got a lot of pics to show

    I started sketching it with Google Sketchup
    After 9 hours of non-stop drawing it finally had some shape.

    Hardware to be used:

    Intel Core i7 980X @ 4.5 Ghz
    Corsair Dominator GT 6GB DDR3-2000 CL7 (Elpida) @ 2000 7-7-7-20-1T
    ASUS Rampage III Extreme
    2 x ASUS GTX580
    ASUS Xense
    Sennheiser Xense
    Highpoint RocketRAID 3560 24x SATA-300 2 GB
    Bigfoot Networksâ„¢ Killerâ„¢ 2100 Gaming Network Card
    1x Intel 510 120GB
    3x Corsair F60 raid0
    6x Hitachi Deskstar 7K2000 2TB raid5
    2x Optiarc AD-7241S-0B
    2 x Coolermaster Silent Pro 700W
    Dell U2711 27″ IPS
    2x Dell 1703 FPt 17″ portrait

    1 x EK Supreme HF Nickel CPU Block
    2 x EK-FC580 GTX – Nickel
    2 x EK-FC580 GTX Backplate – Nickel plated
    1 x EK RAM Dominator Nickel
    1 x EK-FB RE3 – Nickel
    1 x EK-FB RE3 – TOP Acetal – Level 2
    2 x Bitspower HDD Acetal Liquid Cooling Block – Silver

    2 x Laing D5-MCP655
    2 x Bitspower D5/MCP655 Mod Pump Top V2
    2 x Bitspower Black Sparkle D5/MCP655 Mod Kit

    1 x Aquacomputer Aquatube G1/4 brass

    1 x Aquacomputer evo 1080


    6 x Nanoxia DX Series 120MM DX12 - 1200RPM @ 5V
    11 x Scythe Gentle Typhoon 120MM 1450RPM @ 12V

    Fittings etc

    24 x Bitspower Black Sparkle Multi-Link (SLI/CF) Adapter
    16 x Bitspower Black Sparkle G1/4 Rotary 90 Degree IG1/4 Adapter
    12 x Bitspower Black Sparkle G1/4 naar G1/4 (2x OD) Verbindingsstuk
    10 x Bitspower Black Sparkle G1/4 Stop Fitting
    8 x Bitspower Black Sparkle 13MM (1/2) Schroeffitting – G1/4
    6 x Bitspower Black Sparkle G1/4 Rotary 90 Degree ID 1/4 Adapter
    6 x Bitspower Black Sparkle G1/4 IG1/4 Extender
    4 x Bitspower Black Sparkle G1/4 Five Rotary Snake-Style Dual IG1/4 Adapter
    4 x Bitspower Black Sparkle G1/4 Rotary 45 Degree IG1/4 Adapter
    2 x Bitspower Black Sparkle G1/4 Triple Rotary Mini Snake-Style Dual IG1/4 Adapter
    1 x Bitspower Black Sparkle G1/4 Triple Rotary Snake-Style Dual IG1/4 Adapter
    1 x Bitspower Black Sparkle G1/4 Rotary IG1/4 Extender
    5 x Bitspower Crystal Link Tube For 5-Slots (SLI/CF)
    8 x Bitspower Silver Shining 2xG1/4″ Fillport
    2 x Bitspower Silver Shining G1/4 naar G1/4 (2x OD) Verbindingsstuk Mini
    2 x Bitspower Matt Black 2xG1/4″ Fillport
    2 x Bitspower Matt Black 13MM (1/2)Schroeffitting – G1/4
    1 x Koolance INS-FM17 Coolant Flow Meter & Adapter Board INS-FM17
    2 x Thermosensor G1/4 2x ID In-Line met Display (blue)
    2 x Colder 13MM (1/2) Snelkoppeling Set
    2 m Tygon R3400 1/2 ID Black
    2 m Tygon R3603 1/2 ID Clear
    3 L Feser One Cooling Fluid – UV Acid Green

    I want to let it be powder coated in mat black.

    I'm also gonna use my old cooling again since it works superb.
    It's a 1080 radiator under my floor from my house, right in the corner where my pc is.
    My water temperature in wintertime is around 17 degrees, in the summer it's around 23 degrees.[/video]]

    Sponsored by:

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    Project : L3p D3sk

    Started with an Aluminium plate of 1850x990x3

    Plates for the mainboard tray, hdd tray, pump/res tray and cable plate

    The bearer ring to hold my desk

    Been to an other company to make a logo

    And back to welding

    Plasmacutter to make some cable holes

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    Project : L3p D3sk

    End of the first long day

    Creating a logo (was just a try, worked out well)

    Made some holes for the lcd's for the in and outgoing water temperature, and for the logo

    Had to make some changes to let my knees fit

    Fitting the trays with sound isolation under it.

    I love packages !

    Thought the buttons would the same, gonna change for 2 big one's now.

    Sound isolating for under my trays.

    My best friend welding

    Holes for the Bitspower fanguards
    Both sides will have 3x 120mm Scythe Gentle Typhoons 1450 rpm op 5V
    Underground will be 9x 120mm Scythe Gentle Typhoons 1450 rpm op 12V @ the 1080 radiator

    Thats me !

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    Project : L3p D3sk

    "Rough" work is done

    A Bitspower Black Sparkle Ashtray

    So brought the d3sk back home

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    Project : L3p D3sk

    Gonna use the backplate of an old lianli. (Thanks brother in law !)

    Fitting, measuring and hanging

    The battlefield.

    Just playing around

    New toy arrived

    Fitting and measuring, pff

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    Project : L3p D3sk

    Forgot a hole

    So made it bigger

    Mess outside

    Made 2 extra 120mm fan holes in the cable-space, cause i decided my psu will come there too.
    And made the hole for the lianli backplate.

    Bitspower !

    And building everything back for the hole picture

    Shopping time

    Measuring the last holes.

    And more measuring

    Muscle pain !

    Rear = ready

    And the front !

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    Project : L3p D3sk

    Hiding cables, what a nasty job.

    Scythe fanguards, maybe temporary

    Need sata ?


    Getting tired when i see this again

    Filled up !

    Youtube - Filling it up[/video]]

    Hiding Sata(n) !

    And lift of

    Testrun 1

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    Project : L3p D3sk

    Temperatures are better then in my Corsair 800D

    Now first some rest behind my d3sk, before it goes to the powdercoater

    Found a nice connector for the Bulgin power and reset button to be disconnected easily.

    Now that they will be above my desk, i wont be to lazy to start working again on the inside of the desk

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    Project : L3p D3sk

    That's me !

    Done for today

    I want to thank Bitspower for sponsoring me at this project, specially Vincent !

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    Project : L3p D3sk


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