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Thread: Project : L3p L4n

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Getting a custom waterblock designed and made? This is just getting better and better

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Yeah Im actually their slave now for preparing everything

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Didn't plan to do anything today but received a package and my fingers started to tingle

    Still in love with the red GT fins
    Problem is I promised to watercool them. :P

    But an idea popped in.
    Hmm Corsair uses M2.5 ... Don't have them and certainly not longer ones :

    Ok re-tap them with M3 ...

    That works, now the rest.

    The fins work fine, they get pretty hot when cutting them

    And done.

    An EK block with some rad fins I love

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Small update

    Drilling and tapping the small radiator to M4.

    And back to the MarsII block

    Daniel has been very busy with it last week.
    Really this guy owns :P

    Copper part done.

    While he was busy with this I had to think of something for the POM part.
    Got a spontaneous idea to recycle the red aluminum parts from the original cooler.
    Off course with paint

    Daniel didn't know what to think of it but we went for it
    Time for me to measure again

    And re-measuring. That guy thinks about everything.

    And the result.

    Daniel really liked it a lot at the end too, I'm completely in love!
    Here the renders.

    What do you guys think about it?

    Only thing he wants from me is as much possible friends on Facebook, so please go ahead if you can guys
    Mr3D a.k.a. Daniel!

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Daniel! Amazing stuff. I'm blown away by the watercooling you added to your ram, and now your video card is in the works too! Great stuff.


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    Project : L3p L4n

    Thanks a lot m8! Daniel owns

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    Project : L3p L4n

    And another small update

    The top panel.

    Was walking around for a while with this idea. Want the plexi window to be flush with the black brushed aluminum.
    But with only handwork I don't see it succeed. 0.5mm difference will be visible.
    So decided to let the plexi be lasered and then try to get the window in by hand. (Thanks Brian!)
    Will also take the opportunity to let the small logo's be lasered too, no names, just logo's.

    This is the idea

    Then first of all I want to thank Daniel and Ivo again for all the effort. Even till now ( :P ) they still have fun in doing this

    Blocks for the POM Top and the aluminum backplate.

    And the milling[/video]]

    Still a bit rough.

    After some sanding.

    Never saw a backplate without bolts or holes in sight before (Daniel ftw!)

    The plan is to get it anodized in black and then mill in something.

    And then the POM block. Some more explaining here.
    For example this is 1/100 of the code the machine will go to create the block.


    First a rubber cord a little smaller then the block is placed on the workspace.
    This so the machine can suck it vacuum to the plate, off course it shouldn't move a mm.

    First the holes and the basis shape.

    Then adjust the rubber cord so the machine can go on.

    And milling again.

    The result.

    Till the next update... the copperblock

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Small update
    (Slowly we're getting there)

    First of all I want to announce a new sponsor .. Corsair!
    After the Bit-Tech MOTY they contacted me for sponsoring this project.
    (If you only knew how glad I am with this!)

    Thanks Corsair!!

    And ordered a laser cutted en engraved casewindow.

    If I ever win the lotto ... :P[/video]]


    And one day later

    Quick preview.

    This weekend first saw it in and then a very lot of sanding I guess.

    And another test.

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Ok ..this is the first and the last time I'm modding a case with 5mm thick walls and a 3mm thick panel

    First a double layer of painters tape.

    Then re-locating the spot.

    And double check it.

    Also tightening it very well so I can mark it without moving.

    And a triple check.

    Drilling the holes was easy

    Also taped the jigsaw and got my MNPC glasses.
    (Without glasses it always takes me 1 minute to get something in my eyes :P )

    All under it.

    Done sawing.

    The fitting :/

    Extra protection for the edges.

    Polishing the round edges.

    Now the straight pieces.
    I always use the file skewed, this way you have more surface and you will get it much more straight.

    3 hours of filing further (yes three!) it finally fits with some power.

    5B550x%5D.JPG" alt="" />

    Need to file the points there where the pressure is too high.

    Finishing it with a small fine file.

    And getting the old knife back to remove the small curls.
    Can't do it with a file since it will have skewed edges again

    You can see the difference before and after the knife.

    Painting the edges again with matt black paint.

    Window in and use rubber glue.
    After that remove the remnants again. (Was a kind of a mess)

    But don't worry. Removing the tape on the other side for the first results.

    And a quick test

    Tomorrow will fill up some minuscule edges with glue. Am tired of it now
    Must say I'm very satisfied..

    Till next week )

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Congrats! Really cool stuff! clean design.

    I wanna one of this.

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