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Thread: Project : L3p L4n

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Copper part has been sent to the nickel plater.
    So curious how it will look!


    Highflow sent me 3 'Cpu lapping kits' to try polishing the POM part.
    (Hopefully this will succeed )
    Thanks Freddy!

    I was looking for O-rings for a while to seal the block.
    Luckily Skiryl had some left from a previous project!

    The 'Inspired by' logo was grey anodised aluminum.

    Now I think it should look like the nickel and fittings.

    So lets polish

    When I got an hour left next week I will polish the last scratches out.

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Sorry, just a teaser this time

    Need some more time for testing/fitting.
    Already had to adjust the backplate 'a bit' cause of a small miscalculation.

    Very glad I decided to nickelplate it

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    Project : L3p L4n

    And the promised update

    It all didn't start as I want to last week.

    It started with one m3 hole that didn't align.

    Forgot the pci bracket holder.

    And the bottom border of the backplate.

    So, let's get the dremel.
    Appears this is possible to do

    And the raw file.

    Made the OD of screw hole smaller.
    Love these cutters!

    No contact with the backplate anymore.

    And backplate screw holes align.

    Covering it up. (Even if you can't see it)

    Already ordered some thermal pads from Highflow.

    And the package arrived I've been waiting for


    I have to say, all the tiny scratches that were already there are even more visible now in the right light.
    However I'm really satisfied!

    Want the EKWB plate in the same style

    And the next problem ...... POM

    When I just got the POM there was a little scratch on it.
    I thought lets remove that with some P2500 .....
    Well ..forget it.. wish I had asked someone with knowledge before I did that
    So eventually had to sand the complete top ... what a mess .
    When I just touched it with a nail it already had a scratch on it.
    It's like high carpet, when you chuck it in 2 different ways.

    After some google, reading, and asking people I found out there are a few ways to recover it.
    Machining it again, flaming it, sanding it in lots of grits
    I chose the way to sand it like I lap a cpu. (And never again )

    Started with P150, after that P240 (30 min)
    You can see you can still easily scratch it with your nail

    90 minutes with P600, P1000 and P1500

    Next day my arms already didn't want to go further .. let's continue :P
    P2000 it is.

    P3000, starts to look like something.

    After sanding 3.5 hours I'm done with it

    Borrowed something from the marsII's younger brother.

    I'm satisfied!
    Not able to scratch it anymore with my nails or any other softer object then POM. (Weird stuff)

    This is easier then I thought.
    Put in the rubber, cut it on the exact size and glue it together holding it for 10 seconds.
    The 'O-ring glue' smells like superglue. (And sticks to your fingers the same fast way)" alt="" />

    I'm done with it for this week :P
    Next week hopefully testing it on pressure and the mounting!

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    Project : L3p L4n

    That bottom pic sort of makes it look the silouette of a P90.


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    Project : L3p L4n

    Now that you mention it ..

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Sometimes everything goes as I want ... sometimes not.
    That next to my 2 jobs at the moment, got some problems finding time

    Last week after a 3 hour test I noticed this ...

    So time to get my UV light, maybe I can discover more.


    Lights off.

    Probably 2 small leaks.

    So opened it carefully again, maybe I can see more.

    Going to test it once more with a POM remount and 2x serial connected D5's. (This to be really sure)
    This time with a new glued big O-ring and small cast O-rings.
    Problem could be the distance between some of the M3 bolts (6-7cm) to keep the POM really flat on the copper.
    It does seem it's completely flat..

    So one solution is to use Loctite Quick Gasket.

    Or ... I'm going to add some M3's ... and probably polish the POM again. (I will succeed!! :P )
    Anyway, learned something again

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Second remount + leaktest was a failure too

    So .. ordered the Loctite quick gasket

    Met Rogier from Asus last friday for a coming project and ..
    He asked me if he could borrow L4n for an Asus media event next friday.
    Told him I couldn't get it fully running that fast, that was no problem.
    So he would pick it up next tuesday..

    Will be some late evenings this weekend :P

    First tests without PCB.

    After a full leaktest still dry!!
    Also didn't leave any Loctite

    And then I had to remove it again for a full mount..pff
    I really had to cut it loose.

    And clean it for an hour

    Used and army of heat transfer pads on back and front

    And a new layer of Loctite.

    Made a quick movie that night of the mess.[/video]]

    Next day.. change the bracket .. for the third time.
    This will be on top of the pump controller.

    Small idea I got for the ssd's
    The backside will be out of sight, but is able to catch light from the RGB leds.
    That will give a nice effect on the front side.

    n/550/P1120312%20%5B550x%5D.JPG" alt="" />

    Rest of the day ... Bitspower..
    My skin let go on my vingers
    Even sawing the crystallinks .. had to do it with my knife.
    Left both of my saws at work :/

    Didn't have much time to make pics.
    Got 2 hours left tomorrow.
    So it will be on the event as below, just the RGB leds and the touchscreen.

    When it's back I'll make it 'flowready' and leaktest it completely for multiple days.
    And off course some more pictures from the case and MarsII
    The loop can still even change, didn't have enough C47's

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Here a small video from L4n one day before it got picked up.[/video]]

    And 2 days ago Asus BNL called me ...
    They were very happy with it!

    Such a shame I couldn't be there cause of my job :/

    And a video on the Asus Facebook where you can see L4n for 3 seconds @ 2:00

    Now waiting to get it back and resume

    Thanks Asus!!

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Received L4n last week in a perfect state from Asus
    Been leak testing 2 days to see if it's finally leakfree.....


    With just 2 x D5 at full speed and 1m tube it became pretty hot after a few hours of testing.

    So used an AIO solution from Aquacomputer
    (Thanks again for this awesome MOTY prize ! )

    After hours of testing and greasy fingers I gave it a last polishing.

    I didn't know what photos to erase, so here they are all of them.


    This 'small project-in-a-project' has been quite a learning process for me of cooperation, testing, measuring and even more measuring and testing.

    I would like to thank the following persons for cooperating on the MARS II block.

    Daniel aka Mr3D
    Ivo aka Quepee
    Rogier van Asus Benelux
    Gregor van EKWB
    And everyone who I forgot

    This week some small changes on the SSD's and then I will be testing the loop and hardware of L4n.
    After that, mount the MARSII and test it all over again

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Well .. promised Corsair to do something with the ssd's.

    So here we go

    First remove the sticker.

    Start dremeling.

    Sanded with P220. I have something with brushed alu....

    But have other plans.

    Sawing a piece of tinted acrylic.


    Taping the acrylic and glue it with transparent glue. (Becomes transparent when it's dry)

    In the meantime further with the casebadge while the glue is drying.
    One of the nicest badges I've seen.

    Dr. Dre on it again.

    Became hotter then I expected.

    But who the heck makes 2mm thick badges

    More then an hour of filing and sanding.

    5B550x%5D.JPG" alt="" />

    With the result.

    Glue nicely dried.

    One to go :P

    Same ritual.

    And the result.
    I'm very happy with it

    Noticed right now the heatshrink let go cause of all the dis-connecting :/

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