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Thread: Project : L3p L4n

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    Project : L3p L4n

    So do I m8
    Could play with it the rest of my life I guess :P

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    Project : L3p L4n

    This time maybe a bit boring update.
    Changing, (not)fitting, measuring and some cable management.
    (Sorry, no block update yet )

    First change the quad kit.

    With 5 previous kits on other builds it was easy to remove the plates for the red fin fixation.
    With 3 out of 4 it was impossible somehow.
    Even with a hammer there were 2 sticks I couldn't replace.

    Did see some horror pictures of removed heatsinks with the ram still on it so didn't want to do that either.
    Also had another problem cause of hammering on it with 1 stick.

    Then carefully drill it by hand.

    And the tap by hand.

    Got it fixed one hour later

    2 red leds soldered and sleeved for the powerbutton.

    Disabled the blue smd leds.

    Wanted to test this together with the hardware that didn't run for a single minute yet.
    (Incl. the hammered Ram and lapped Cpu)

    Ok... off ... fast ... no water in the cpu block yet

    Next small problem...
    I measured everything at the start...that was for Matrix cards, the Mars is a little longer.

    Sawing again.

    Discovering all kinds of convenient stuff in the yacht building industry.
    Saw this last week, primer for all kinds of self adhesive stuff like ledstrips
    They hang complete ceilings with Velcro with it.


    Worth a try on the last radiator.

    Did the corners with 3M Velcro, the edges with isolationtape.

    Believe it or not ... It works to good .. Can't get it off with my bare hands :P

    Had to file the fan on the back radiator after measuring with 7 different kinds of BP fittings to make the angle I wanted.

    Still 2 prints to hide..

    And the mess on the kitchen table again.

    Not easy to hide 3 x 8 pin + 24 pin without a 'double bottom'.
    Also sleeved the 2 sata cables.

    Cover on top .. Till later this week

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Still no news about the copper-block :/
    My friend Quepee has been sick quite some days, so he has a lot to catch up at work.
    He's all better now so hopefully soon good news!

    All I got for you guys is a design for the engraving.

    And the backplate came back from the anodiser

    These few weeks did give me some time to prepare my next build already
    (First info and hardware pictures on site, buildlog will follow)

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Apparently my friend Quepee has some trouble finding the right piece of copper for the MarsII block. So me and an other guy started looking for it too, but till now no success yet.

    It need to be 155x300x15,5 mm (Copper Cu-ETP?)
    If anyone has some tips? Please!

    And here a 'small' update.

    I want to try this DP to VGA converter to use the touchscreen.

    I already adjusted the bracket once but I'll have to do it again because the MarsII is 6cm longer then the Matrix card. Also want to mount the Pump controller print on top of it.




    Drilling some holes.

    Seems to fit.

    So painting it again.

    Will be quite some cable management.

    Also need to do the lighting before I start with the watercooling loop cause of all the wires.

    Going to use this controller instead.
    It's a Touch remote with RF, so don't have to place any IR eyes
    Ik ga dus deze controller gebruiken ipv de vorige.
    (Will also be used in my next project)

    Glad I still had an old black floppy cable.

    Nice afternoon soldering with my daughter.

    She told me to test it before cutting it in pieces.

    50/P1100712%20%5B550x%5D.JPG" alt="" />

    Glad I did, found a break !

    Can cut that out now.

    Epoxy layer is easy to remove with a knife.

    Hmm my gas-soldering iron is too hot for this.

    So got an other one a few days later.

    Getting too much work on my neck

    Almost done.

    Used some 4-pin PWM plugs to easy-connect it all.

    And some tests.

    Lets do the bottom too. First had to remove some stickers and old glue.

    And done.

    Some connectors for the bottom.

    And testing again.

    My 'simple' compact camera doesn't show what I see so tried to film it instead

    lt="" />

    Till the next update!

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    Project : L3p L4n

    The 'rough' 6kg copper part should be here any moment!

    I did have some time to post the nice Battle Dragon Gaming Bag I got from Tt esports for this build at lans. At home I will probably use this Keysonic RF board (HTPC)

    Color of mouse and keyboard is adjustable. Fan is removable :P

    Thanks a very lot Tt esports for offering this incredible bag!

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    Project : L3p L4n

    The copper block...

    I ordered a piece of 300x155x15,5, this was going to be 6kg.
    When I wanted to lift it quickly I had some problems...
    Appeared my 'foreign friend' sent a brick of 300x200x20.

    Price for a piece of copper with these measures in Holland is around €360
    Got it for €185 now

    Think it'll fit.

    Sending it to Quepee tomorrow, he loves copper

    Today Quepee also engraved the backplate.
    He told me he had a plan for the "Inspired by EKWB" text.
    Go ahead I said..

    Full of pride he showed the first picture....
    I got a stroke :O

    Appeared he was having fun with me :P

    Again thanks a lot Quepee!![/video]]

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    Project : L3p L4n

    To give you guys something ..

    Backplate changed a bit.

    And today Quepee started with the front side of the copper.

    Took it back home carefully to match it with the POM part :P

    Well .. we're in love with the block

    Probably next week the backside.

    Oh .. out of curiosity ..

    Poll: Just Copper or Nickelplated?
    Keep it as it is.
    Nickel plate it!

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    Project : L3p L4n

    By the way, the copper block went from 10.6kg to 6.4kg now.
    After the backside milling it will 'only' weight around 1.8kg

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Small update/teaser

    Mill-route-check of the blocks backside.

    Almost done! (movie completely failed cause of the coolant used while milling :/ )

    Really can't wait to assemble this with the backplate, POM top en MARSII!

    Maybe more this weekend

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    Project : L3p L4n

    Received a very nice package this weekend from Ivo.

    Sorry for the amount of pictures, didn't know which ones to delete
    Everything is clickable to 2560 pixels.

    Somehow I didn't dare to unpack :P

    And actually stared at it for half an hour before doing anything

    As you can see there isn't much left from the 10.6 kg.
    The copper part weight is now exactly 1.8kg.

    I really think I'm going to nickel plate it.
    Copper part is already oxidizing after a few weeks.

    But what a job Ivo did ... (And Daniel off course in front!)

    POM next to it.

    And the 'screwless' backplate.

    Just had to put it together fast

    Next day some pics in the sun.

    G" alt="" />

    Exploded view.

    Original red aluminum parts on it.

    First time testing the M3 holes with stainless steel I ordered at Highflow

    Hmmm nickelplate it?

    Think I'm going to polish the POM.

    For a next time.


    Ok .... it just screamed to be polished

    Love Coca Cola.

    Love the result
    (Camera didn't with all that light)

    And put it together once more for you guys

    Ivo and Daniel ... Real craftsmanship!
    Thanks a very lot to be able to be so close to all this!!!

    Now .... let's enjoy the nice weather over here

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