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Thread: Project : L3p L4n

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    Project : L3p L4n

    What a week .. 28°C inside and I'm busy with 2 builds

    To finish L4n I had quite a checklist to walk through.

    - Add cables for SSD, Leds and pump.
    - Change in RGB Leds and wiring.
    - RGB controller/remote died, had to replace it.
    - Finding the right coolant color.
    - Testing loop + blocks + fan/pump controller without MARS.
    - Testing all hardware with loop without MARS.
    - Testing loop with MARS in it.
    - Full stress test of complete system.

    First .. lets add an SDD activity led

    SSD in action. (2GB copy)[/video]]

    Also removed the RGB above the SSD and added RGB between the acrylic of the SSD's

    Bringing 3 little cables to their destination out of sight.... 45 minutes :P

    RGB controller replaced and proper connection instead of soldering.
    Literally removed the radiator 30 times to get it in.

    Then I found out I still had to extend the pump wire. -_-

    Playing with test tubes in RGB light.
    Seems EK blood red looks good in switching red/blue light.

    First looptest without MARS.

    Loop needed exactly 1 liter.

    Never thought something would go easy.
    Reservoir isn't the highest point, still it keeps on level nicely and de-aeration works perfect.

    Pump on speedsetting 1, completely silent and enough flow to cool it down.

    SSd's and memory ... check.


    Lapped CPU + cooling ... check

    Leaving it running for the night.

    Right before getting the MARS in I changed something on the contrast of the aluminum text.
    (Thanks NOCA!)

    Not much luck again ... really .. somehow the motorized screen pressed the color-change button of the enermax fan when opening. Cause of that it had blue and red leds on, not something I wanted.
    Had to drain the loop and build the pump completely out to reach it and fix it for good.

    Finally testing the full loop!

    Pump on speedsetting 10

    Love bubbles.

    And leaving it for another night.

    Next day ... testing the complete system.
    MARS leds lit

    Pretty scary, don't know what the MARS temps are before I'm in windows.
    Quick USB install

    It seems 1 of the 2 cores isn't getting cooled as it should.
    With a furmark stresstest in SLI 1 core goes to 65°C, the other one.. goes slowly up to 100°C and starts to throttle.
    I'm almost sure it's the thickness of the heatpads I used, I will have to re-open it again completely.
    There are a lot of options I can still try with different combinations of heatpads/paste, sure I can solve it.
    However .. going to keep that for another time, tired of it for now.
    I'm actually more glad both GPU's still work after enlarging 3 holes in the PCB

    Atleast the lapped CPU doesn't let me down

    Final pics on the way!

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    Project : L3p L4n

    And here the final photos from L4n
    (sorry for the amount)

    Few shots in daylight.

    Complete set.

    Inside shots.

    g src="" alt="" />

    As an Htpc

    With dimmed lights.

    ttp://" alt="" />

    Final video[/video]]

    My thanks to the following persons and company's

    Daniel aka Mr3D
    Ivo aka Quepee
    Richard aka Kier
    Rogier Gelling
    Gregor Hribernik

    And off course everyone I forgot and all readers of this thread!

    Off course will continue on the Mars problem later.
    For now .... first need a months or two on my next project

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    L3p L4n got nominated for Bit-Tech Mod of the Year!!

    Off course I don't stand a chance this year compared to the other projects, still , being nominated, I see it as the biggest honor you can get!
    Check out the 20 projects.

    Small flashback. -

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