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Thread: BMW Mini ME - Project Mpowers little brother

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    BMW Mini ME - Project Mpowers little brother

    Bought to you with products from

    A brief look at what I have been up to in my spare time lately, after completing project BMW M power level 10 ( As seen here ) I decided to make a mini me to go with the project, to be used as a server as well as a simple web browser.

    So is it a small level 10, sadly no, but as the level 10 project was BMW M Powered themed, I thought I would follow the details from this.

    And create a mini PC based on a 1/10 RC car, my plan is to get the mod related to this theme and specifically looking like this

    So first port of call was a RC chassis from ebay, this cost me 12.99 and was a used job, it was wrecked a bit so I cleaned it up and added some wheels and a piece of acrylic to the base, so here is what I had to start with.

    So I had the base and the platform, the next task was to get the layout right, I did not want to go overboard and put too much money into it as it was just a little server/web browser so out came the meccano parts.

    Eek now that is tight, It would be simpler to build this from a sheet of aluminium don’t you think? I had that idea in the beginning, but I wanted to make sure the car still had suspension so the wheels sat right, especially with the BMWs back wheels at the slight angle they sit at.

    DVD rom mounted underneath the motherboard.

    Meccano Motherboard mounts :P

    Now that was done placement for the power board had to be made, that was not an issue, although I still need to make some meccano mounts for that.

    So I had the shell and some white BMW alpine paint left over from the Level 10 build and some clear sticker printing sheet, after some hours I ended up with this.

    (P.S a little tip for painting smallish objects when there is not much sun, is to use one them cheap eco halogen heaters to dry primer and pain quicker, it works really!)

    Testing out on the chassis was showing it was ok, so I’ll leave you with this now and bring you more when I move onto the cabling and layout in the not to distant future.

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    BMW Mini ME - Project Mpowers little brother

    Very nice addition Richie. Now that you have the case mod as well as mini-me I think it's time for a full size BMW build lol . Well done and super clean!

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    BMW Mini ME - Project Mpowers little brother

    Eco halogen heaters? Do tell please!

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    BMW Mini ME - Project Mpowers little brother

    Eco halogen heaters? Do tell please!

    can be found on ebay cheap

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    BMW Mini ME - Project Mpowers little brother

    I think everyone could use a Mini-Me once in awhile. That is a great pairing of the case mods.

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    BMW Mini ME - Project Mpowers little brother

    Still got a bit to do, going to try and get the filing done on shell to allow front and rear USB ports out in lower grill on front an rear of car, also goto fit the white leds (to front headlights) for power led and red leds to rear headlights for HDD activity, add a power button as well as make a whole were fuel filler sticker is for power brick connector... so not done yet

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    BMW Mini ME - Project Mpowers little brother

    Time for a little update, took shell back off today to start making placements for the connectors ect

    Thanks to for supplying the above, USB port and HDMI brackets

    After using some breakout plates I made little masking tape templates to get the placement right, the only thing I never figured before doing this was how hard it is to file something so flimsy and flexible.. Go figure

    Test placement of the outputs and inputs and power switch, here is a diagram to explain better

    I knew something would go wrong, one of LED lights connectors popped so ill have to try and solder that! And I can not for the life of me find the 20PIN to 20PIN male connector to go from power board to motherboard!!! (I would say sods law that something goes wrong during a build), but I think I will start the saying off for us all to use… Modders law that something goes wrong.

    Ok might as well put the shell on for a test fit again and see how she looks.

    Power switch in placement of cut off switch, also makes sense with this build.

    Front USB port placement (my fav one as rear came out a bit slanted)

    I think ill be printing out another grill sticker for lower section of these rear USB mounts as I am not happy with them at all, or I make a plate out of black acrylic for it, but for me it has to be sorted, the HDMI is cable tied to the bottom as I am waiting for small black screws to arrive to mount it in, going to print out a number plate to stick over it once it is in and then use craft knife to cut out the centre (HDMI hole)..

    Last but not least a couple of pics I snapped on the phone.

    Need to smooth off the edge a fair bit to get it right, but you can see the direction I am going in.

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