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Thread: [Worklog] Prototype 214 ~ Smasher

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    [Worklog] Prototype 214 ~ Smasher

    Two weeks ago we started with the "Prototype 214" project as a representation of the games and hardware pege, and also as a kind of inauguration of the new section of modding of Tecnogaming.
    Let's start with the case.Vtisuba Voodoo ( ). The main idea of this project it's to mix the colors green, black and grey. The color of the red fans are going to be replaced by the green color.
    Apart from that, also a hardcage to hide the power supply and the DVD optical drive.
    Changing the fan's red leds that are set as default by the ones that are green, trying to keep the theme of the mod.


    This way started the project. This is a preview of the case with its original parts:

    Cooler’s paint:

    14-TecnoGaming-Smasher033.jpg" alt="" />


    Leds replacement:

    Front rip:

    Brainstorm of the hardcage:

    rklog-Prototype214-TecnoGaming-Smasher048.jpg" alt="" />

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    [Worklog] Prototype 214 ~ Smasher

    Cutting the metal to make a new entrance and exit of the power supply:

    Setting up the screws in the hardcage.


    And the holes to pass over the cables:

    Ok, a change of matter, some handles to bring the case everywhere .

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    [Worklog] Prototype 214 ~ Smasher

    Heat skin for the HDD:

    DVD optical drive bracket:

    Friends came up, so, LET’S MOD!


    And the part of the Project I didn’t want to start, the front

    Just for the pic…

    In the next days I’ll be finishing the front part… The bottom part of the front and cover imperfections are left …

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    [Worklog] Prototype 214 ~ Smasher

    We keep up with the front part of the case…

    2 fans of 140mm

    The upper fan with an effect of a sniper sight… (Don’t complain about that a part is missing, it’s just like that and you’re going to see how it is when finished)

    Bracket for the 2nd HDD

    Bracket for the 1st HDD

    This acrilic is going to be in the bottom part illuminated by leds, it gives the effect of a green light right down the HDD.

    That’s all up to now, see ya next time! =D

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    [Worklog] Prototype 214 ~ Smasher

    We continue with worklog.
    Base de pintura:

    And a few layers of color:

    A VGA cover in process…

    14-TecnoGaming-Smasher195.jpg" alt="" />

    And the personal logo comes true!:

    It doesn’t look right because it’s too much light…

    That’s all up to now, I’ll be updating it next week

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    [Worklog] Prototype 214 ~ Smasher

    really liking the most so far and I am VERY impressed that you guys are wearing your safety equipment.

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    [Worklog] Prototype 214 ~ Smasher

    Well finished the project I present the final photos. It went up the other side of the worklog, because as someknow, I had a serious problem with my external hard drive and lost everything.
    Finally, I leave the photos and no more words to enjoy.

    h_Prototype21415.jpg" alt="" />

    “ The important its the Modding, not the hardware”

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