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Thread: Clan Site/Which Theme?

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    Clan Site/Which Theme?

    I want to get a new clan theme. Rather then beg Tazz and bust his balls for the next week until he caves in and I have to pay outta the pooper for one I am just going to buy a theme. I think I want something off this site. Can you all help me and help me what ones to consider because they are wicked looking or awesome to play around in and ones not to even think about getting because they are completely lame and isn’t easy to move around in. Take note this clan will be for strictly UR2007, ET : QW, and BF 2142.

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    Clan Site/Which Theme?

    they all look good, but stay away from the bf2/other game themed ones (unless its the game you play)
    i personally like the viper, kaos, and z3 just for looks though. i have no idea how the are for movement

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    Clan Site/Which Theme?

    For clan themes you may want to check out:

    There's some clanish kinda stuff there,
    Have fun

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    Clan Site/Which Theme?

    I would check out the many free themes out there. Or... better yet ask the guy that did this one and pay him the cash, he's a admin in these forums.

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