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Thread: Lament Configuration // Finish

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    Lament Configuration // Finish

    hello friends // hola amigos,

    This project is inspired by the hellraiser cube called "Lament Configuration".//este proyecto esta inspirado en el cubo de hellraiser llamado "lament configuration".

    This is a work that is started of zero, and the main materials are aluminum and acrylic.//Es un trabajo comenzando de cero, y los materiales principales serán, aluminio y acrÃ*lico.

    angle of aluminum: 8/4 x 1/8
    acrylic: white 3mm x 32cm and black 2mm x 32 cm

    L + screw

    start drawing // inicio del dibujo

    beginning of the draft // inicio del calado

    filing // limado

    and video:

    test manual jigsaw

    the real duration of the video is 36 minutes

    more pics:

    Usb 2.0 that will be use for this mod // usb 2.0 que serán utilizados para este mod:

    It is giving form to the cube // dando forma al cubo:

    It is joining the acrilic plaque to the metallic structure // Uniendo la placa de acrilico a la estructura metalica:

    c_soul/COOLER%20MASTER%20BATTLE%20MODDER/100_25401600x1200.jpg" alt="" />

    me dispuse a hacer el motherboard tray de una lata de un case viejo
    i resolved to make the motherboard tray of a tin of a old case




    later, i will finish of assemble the cube´s structure
    cute the the platens at angles of 45 degrees

    cortar las platinas en angulo de 45 grados

    y claro esta unirlas al cubo:
    and of course join it to the cube

    y agregar soportes adicionales:
    and add aditional supports

    + acrylic

    luego a dibujar:
    later to draw

    Adaptación de la lamina para ajustar los pci,4 discos al tiempo,luego monto las imagenes ya lijadito y eso.

    *well friends, the advances of yesterday were:
    Adaptation of the slide to set the pci,

    4 discs while,

    then mount the images and sanding and that

    Diseño del motherboard tray para pintado posterior.

    *design of the motherboard tray then paint it.

    Cortando angulo para unir el motherboard tray con los rieles,Perforaciones para los remaches,fijación del riel,Mothertray montado,con hardware de prueba (board no prende y tarjeta de video con artifacts).

    Cutting angle to attach the motherboard tray to the rails,

    holes for rivets,

    fixing the rail,

    Assembled Mothertray,

    With test hardware (board does not turn video card with artifacts)

    fije los angulos para la fuente (lata de fuente generica, sera removida),

    angles set to the source (source can of generic, will be removed)

    pintura a la base de la board,
    *paint the board´s base.

    2 capas de pintura + lijado,
    *2 layers of paint +sanding

    corte del logo de Cooler Master,
    *cut the cooler Master´s logo

    Corte de las letras,
    *cut of the letters.

    So let make the outer cube frame, dimensions 53cm height x 53cm width x 43cm length.


    Join the pieces together:

    mmmm Thank you my friend but I don't have any Welding, so I have to go this way:

    Outer Cube Frame (Completed)

    Setting up the fan for the Power supply:

    Adaptation for wiring the power supply:

    This fan goes in the same as the power supply but in the bottom section, it will work as intake.

    Now is time for the Cooler Master's fan

    lbums/zz76/Talisac_soul/COOLER%20MASTER%20BATTLE%20MODDER/100_2941800x600.jpg" alt="" />


    in the case and working:

    fron the other side:


    bending and perforated:

    and then rivet:




    I bought some brackets and steel rope to hold the cube in place:

    Then I cut a piece of black acrylic and installed the invisible swith, you will be able to see it when it’s on:

    Sleeving the Cathodes:

    Opening system for the door, the hinges are from chain parts:

    Installing the Power Supply:

    Details on the Rear Panel:

    Installing Hardware:

    Small Gallery, tomorrow more updates:

    5D.jpg" alt="" />

    Cuando tomaba fotos, timbraron en mi hogar y era mi disipador Hyper N620 presentado por la modelo

    Stock vs Hyper


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    Lament Configuration // Finish

    I like it. You did it all by hand, not machines, very nice work. I also like the way you hung/suspended the cube inside the "cube". Very cool way of doing it. Welcome to the forums!

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    Lament Configuration // Finish

    DAMN... Im so envious i think ile haft to get some mates over and "tear your soul apart", on was hoping to build my own one day with moving parts but far beyond my skills

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    Lament Configuration // Finish

    Nice bro, just curious why you didn't cut the corners at a 45deg on the outside support structure?

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