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Thread: ThermalTake fittings

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    ThermalTake fittings

    Hi all, Elliott here

    I have just joined and will be posting my first case mod I a few days, but i wanted to pick your brains about fitting sizes..
    I have a spare ThermalTake single 120 rad and I would like to if possible link it to my new loop.( just coz its there really)
    My problem is my new loop is now 3/8 5/8 tubing and so is using 1/4 thread compression fittings.. is there an adaptor that will enable me to connect the two together?
    From looking at the rad it has a female fitting.. and i can go as far as to say i need a 1/4 female - ???? female fitting..but what is the other size???

    Any help would be much appreciated


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    ThermalTake fittings

    I think this is the adapter you need but if someone feels differently then please chime in.

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    I'm new and I'm interested in this topic. Thank you!
    cvs hr
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