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Thread: TANK's for the memories

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    TANK's for the memories

    Hi there all

    Decided to start my mod log now and give you a heads up on what my ideas are and to get your advice in a few things..Pictures of case etc will follow (can’t find the dam cable to download the dam pics)

    Right lest start off with the case. I have managed to save an old Yeong Yang server case from being dumped in the skip at work. So that’s buy base.. Mainly because I have spent many a board moment at work drooling over the Mountain mode UFO cases. They are gorgeous.. But alas way out of my price bracket..

    Still the idea of a cube case has really grabbed me, and so when I saw this old Yeong Yang server case destined for the rubbish heap I had to have it.

    Now I have spent some considerable time checking and trawling through all the myriad of logs and finished cases on this site and many other site, for ideas and avenues that would give me an idea for the final case design..

    Kier 700bsession

    Swaggahurtz m-blu

    DarthBeavis Holocorn Build

    Sheldog23 Panzer mod

    Franklin AlumaxX

    What I was certain of was that I would want to make my own windowed panel (possibly on both sides of the case, depending on how tidy I can get the psu cabling and drives to look). And through my research I found myself being drawn to the themed cases more and more. Especially the film and comic book character cases. So I started exploring all the avenues that I was interested in.

    My first thoughts were as I’m doing a window my easiest option would be to shape it or add some sort of silhouetted edge to the cut out. So i explored images of stuff like Star Wars, Aliens, 200AD characters and then It struck me that, I am the one making the case and it will inevitably end up with my own style and take of things, are these really relevant to me or the things that really grabbed me from the cases I loved..

    So up in the loft and out in the garage I went on the hunt for those elusive boxes of old comics and magazines that I have kept from school and Uni.

    Eventually found them and spent most of the last two weeks re-reading old mags and comics.. Where i stumbled upon a forgotten gem that had a profound effect on my time at Uni.

    This being a not that well know semi underground mage called !Deadline". Now this had a myriad of strange and unique characters that I spent many a year following their exploits they ranged from,

    Axis mundi,

    The end of the century club,



    The Elingville comic-book, science fiction, fantasy, horror and role-playing club (one of my favourites)

    Milk and Cheese (these guys are so great)

    And then there was Tank Girl....That’s one messed up chick.. But that was it decision made.

    Any how I set to work trying to find suitable pictures and designs that I thought would be suitable for my case...

    I finally settled on (but I have in no way set it in stone) the following design for my case

    Please forgive the simplicity of them, and the fact that they are so small they were done in “Paint” and well I think they get across the idea. ( this is my firt time posting)

    The two circles on top are the two 120mm mesh fan covers for the two single radiators in the water loop, there is a 240 radiator that I’m gunna put at the front of the Mobo’s compartment. I have left these off coz the front panel will cover these and the pics are eventually to give an idea of the finished paint job.

    Any way let me kow your thoughts and please if there are any hidden problems with this case please let me know..(other than its built like a tank..which is quiet appt)



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    TANK's for the memories

    Hi there

    Got to work on striping the paint off of one of the side panels to day, went out and got some sanding disc’s

    Got the big ass drill out and set too it

    Now Istarted off just wanting to make a surface for the primer to key to, but the disk's were so good at removing the paint I just kept on going.
    And ended up with this result which i'm realy quite proud off.

    I then had a go at one of the drive bays and got these results.

    then thought i would try to give the drive bay a coat of primer and seeing as i have never done any spray painting before in my life. Ithought this could be my tester piece.

    Thats all for now as i'm off to work.


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    TANK's for the memories

    Hi there

    Got straight back onto it this morning and set to the other side panel and the main case, took around 3 hours in total to do but it came up nicely I thought.

    Still have the inside of the case to do, gunna have to do this by hand though as I can’t get the drill inside. That took about another hour as i had to settle for the fact that it wasnt going to be as good as the outer, but it would still be enough for the primer to key to

    Needed a little break after all that so I went inside and made me self a cuppa tea and sat down to measure up the hole spacing’s for the 240mm radiator that I’m gunna fit to the front.
    Made myself a template of the holes.

    Then offered it up and marked out the final drilling positions

    Punched each site for ease of drilling

    Then I marked out the cut that I wanted to make for the dust cover and set at it with the jigsaw

    Word of warning
    I would recommend starting at the end with the holes in and ending up with your last cut being into a solid corner.
    I did it the other way round and had to do the last bit by hand. I had the whole case bouncing around all over the place. (had to laugh at my stupidity)

    But it still came out alright I thought.

    Mounted the fans and radiator to make sure all is ok.. And it looks sweet.

    I then set myself the task of removing the front drive bay racking, as I have always hoped to do something similar in plexie or something, not quite sure about that yet. But anyhow it has to go.

    Problem being that as this case is built like a tank everything is welded , rather than riveted.

    So I have tried the same approach and started drilling out the welds.

    This actually worked
    well with a bit of encouragement from my hammer and chisel it worked.
    Around 20 mins later and it was removed.

    This method did deform the front a little. But it all bent back sweet as a nut (it my want one or two rivets to hold the middle in place)

    Then the post man arrived with my new reservoir and so I set about adapting a drive bay tray to hold it.

    Had to adjust my cut to enable me to still have it clamped tight in the vice, but it still looks good I think.

    Then there was no putting it off time to primer the whole lot. So as you can see in the back ground I set up some racks for hang the pieces from and set to it.

    Hope to get some more done tomorrow.


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    TANK's for the memories

    I'm interested in this log but the pictures are so tiny! Bigger pictures please!

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    TANK's for the memories

    Hi monkeyfun

    Sorry for their size, if ya haven't already guessed i'm new to all this...

    I have haowever found the problem. (its in the address code of the pic's from photobucket. need to get rid of the th_ in the address)

    I've asked one of the kind moderators if they can lend a hand

    If not i will repost them all in one go..



    *** Removed the th_ from the images. You should be able to edit you own post. A edit button should be at the top right of each post. AF ***

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    TANK's for the memories

    Hello again

    This update is mainly to let you know what my system will be when it is completed.

    Now I am fully aware that these parts are getting to be outdated, but it has been a good system for me for several years now and and I wanted to trick it out to the max before it is full obsolete. (besides all the watercooling parts are stupidly cheep for this board i mean £2 for the north bridge coler)

    So to start with the case is a Yeony Yang server case YY-0221

    My power supply is an AKASA PowerMax AK-P100FG 1000W

    The motherboard is an ASUS P5N-T Deluxe

    Intel Core 2 Quad Q6700 2.66GHz (hopefully with a medium over clock to get it to around 3.6GHz)

    4GB 2 x 2GB, Ballistix Tracer DDR2 240-pin with LEDs ( the LED's just anoyed me in the end so i stuck some velcro over them)
    4GB 2 x 2GB, Ballistixr DDR2 240-pin with (blue heat-sinks added by me)

    2 XEVGA Geforce GTX 260 CORE 216 Superclocked in SLI

    Now the water cooling stuff

    The CPU will be cooled by a EK Supreme LTX - Nickel Intel Sockets 775 1155 1156 1366

    North bridge and mosfets will be EK-NB P5N-T and EK-Mosfet-!
    Still waiting for the second Mosfet which will be EK-SB-GA-X38-48-PLE

    GPU’s will be cooled by my EK-FC260/280 waterblocks

    The south bridge is gunna have to be air cooled as there is no chance of getting anything under the GPU’s

    I have available 6 X120mm fans and 3 X 80 mm fans (Should I need them)

    I have two rad’s that i am hoping to use one 240 and one 120. There is a possibility that one of my mates may be persuaded to let go of his 240 rad, which is at the moment sat in a cupboard doing nothing. I think he is enjoying watching me beg and plead for it.

    I have got three reservoirs to choose from not sure which I will end up using, There is a voice in the back of my head saying “use all three” ( but I can’t see there being the space.....or will there )

    The pump will be a Laing DDC

    Tubing wil be 3/8 – 5/8 and i have got a hold of some compression fittings as well ( here are a few of them. (+ the T piece for the drain on the loop)

    I also have a fan controller and some UV and neion lights." alt="" />

    There is also a possibility of me being able to get hold of some blue tinted plexi, but i have to see if work will let me have it. ( hope they will then I could explore the drive bay holder etc)

    Now there are two other items i have,which i could use some advice on...
    I have these

    The Ram cooler i beleve to be a Danger den but i don't have any way of attaching it...Is there a simple way ??

    The the other two are HDD coolers which are Thermaltake (I think) any way i have managed to get some 1/4 fillings on to them and, well i'm just not sure if i'll have the space etc , but they are there so all sugestions welcome please..

    Hope to have a case update soon


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    TANK's for the memories

    Hello again,
    finally I have some time to do an update on my project.
    I have been taking photos all the way through so here goes.

    So after having striped out the case I decided to get started on the front panel.

    I knew I wanted to get rid of the front grills and the key hole was on the way out as well.
    So to save time and keep things tidy I decided to cover the back side of the front door and than fill from the front.

    I simply cut a piece of scrap plastic sheet (4-5mm thick) to size, drilled out a hole for the door catch.

    Needed a little bit of shaping on one edge as the profile of the door was slightly curved and this kicked one end up when clamped into position.

    So out came my little drum sander and i set to shaping up the raised edge.

    This shaped up nicely

    And so I set up ready to glue the two together. I had some two part evo-sick glue to hand and so mixed it up and applied lots of it to all of the raised edges on the back side of the door.

    And then clamped it up.

    I then set my eyes on the rest of the front panel, I removed the lock and power button

    I then sanded down all of the raised icons around the row of light holes ready for filling.

    I would be using car body filler for this bit.

    Mixed in the hardener

    I used some fibber glass mesh on the backside of the lock hole to give the filler a chance of staying in place, This isn't gunna be seen any way.

    Then I filled the front side and the light holes

    Then came the sanding

    pg" alt="" />

    It didn’t come up to badly if you ask me. That was it for the day so i left everything to dry.

    I came back the next day and took a look at the door only to find that the glue hadn't worked. I don't think there was enough contact for it to work properly.

    So out came the big guns (the builders staple "Quick grip&#34

    And I put shed loads on this time as you can see.

    Clamped it up again and waited. (Another day gone)

    Well it worked. It has stuck firm.
    I then decided to part fill the vent holes so as to save on filler. I did this with decorators caulk. Sorry i missed a photo at that point.
    Then after a cup of tea i set to filling the vent holes. Once sanded it came up nicely, a few small areas to fill again but nothing to much

    I then couldn't resist having a go at spray painting one of my radiators. So i sanded it down to give a good key for the primer coat.

    I then got some card from a cereal box and maid some templates for both sides of the rad.

    Hung it up from the garage roof and set too with the primer.

    Second coat.

    The next day i came back and applied another coat of filler to the front of the door panel.

    I then went back to the radiator and gave it a very light sanding over before giving it a third coat of primer.

    When i came back (around 4 hours later) both were ready. The door panel got sanded down and came up great.

    Then it was time for the colour coat on the rad. For this i used Plastikote metallic blue spray paint.
    First coat

    Second coat around an hour and a half later.

    Looked great if you ask me.

    That night, spurred on at my first time success at spray painting i prepared all of the other rads and fans that i wanted painted. It ended up being very calming. Here are some pic's of my other two rads and the fans disassembled ready for painting.

    That’s all i can update you with at the moment as i need to down load the rest of the pictures from my camera.
    Hopefully another update tomorrow.


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    TANK's for the memories

    WOW nice job and an excellent worklog too. You really don't have to sand the metal down to the bare level to paint it. Usually a light scuffing with some 400 grit will do what's necessary to make the paint stick nicely. Still though, great job on the radiator and everything else!

    You must have some awesome cereal over there lol that's one hell of a box!

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    TANK's for the memories

    Thanks for the reply.
    I am probably going a bit over the top with the sanding back to bare metal and the amount of undercoats that i am doing on each piece. But as this is my first full mod build i have decided to over do some areas rather than doing too little.
    It takes so much time as well ...
    Any how i have found some more pics and also lost so at the same time.....opps.... They were the ones of the fans and the other rads painted. ( they are currently in the case at the moment while i work out some space issues..I will hopefully get them out soon and take some more pics of them.

    One thing i must mention is that the original idea of the roundel and the camo has gone... I changed my mind and have gone with a digital camo effect all over the case. This would be in 3 or 4 different shades of blue (from Navy blue to sky blue)

    I have also decided to go ahead and fit all three rads internally to the system.....How i hear you say...
    Well by adding a section to the base of the case for one of the 240 rads and pump.
    They were having a big clear out at work and i managed to grab the spill tray from a flammable cupboard.

    This was the ideal depth for the rad and the cut offs enabled me to make two raisers for the wheels.

    I'm also hoping that the raised areas for the wheels will double as tubing and cable conduits to keep things tidy.

    Ohh i forgot i managed to get my hand on two pumps ( they were originally for some kind of "Apple" set up. So i ordered the dual pump head as well. After a bit of searching on the web i found the spec's for them and i knew which wires i needed.

    I have chopped up the connectors and crimped on a nice new black Molex connector to each.

    Since i decide to go with the digital camo affect I have watched countless tutorials on the web, i decided that i was time to try. So i prepared like mad. i printed of loads of sheets of digital camo prints and the laminated them. I had found some line marking tape at the hardware store and so i covered the laminated sheets with this and the i set to carefully cutting then out with my exacto-knife. This took so long .. so i decided to compare the difference between cutting them out with scissors and the knife. There wasn’t much difference except i could cut through two or three sheets of the patterns in the same amount of time that it took to do one shape with the knife. now all i had to do was peal them off of the laminate when i needed them... After about a week of cutting out i reckoned that defiantly had enough to get started with (and enough to do the whole case when needed)

    So i picked the disk drive covers, I striped them down

    Gave them a sanding down and then several coats of primer. And in the back ground you will se the base coat of purple (experimentation and cheep spray paint from the discount store)

    Then i let the paint dry for a around half a day and came back and applied the first round of digital camo stickers.

    Then i painted them blue
    I came back the next morning and applied the second set of stickers

    and sprayed them a nasty red colour
    Left it for around half a day and then applied the third set of stickers.

    I have then sprayed the next colour ( awful lilac ) left till the morning

    In the morning i have applied the fourth set of stickers

    And then i have sprayed then dark blue

    Well i have just left it all now until the week end (around two days)

    I have come back and started to tentatively peal back the individual layers of stickers to find.............

    Now forgetting about the colour combination.. as it was all cheep spray paint so as i could have a go and see what the effect would be..

    TOTAL RUBBISH..... AHHHHH all of the different layers of paint have started to peal off with the stickers...

    Now this wound me up to no end.... a whole week wasted i thought..
    Then i calmed down and a friend of mine came and had a look and i believe he found the fault.... All of the spray paints that i had got except for the lilac were GLOSS... stupid me these according to the can need a full 48 hours to cure..
    Well lesson learned.. and if you can take your eye away from the hideous colour combination then the effect isn't actually that bad..

    The next update will be more case mods when i can find the pictures..



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    TANK's for the memories

    Urban Camo. I wouldn't have thought of that. It's going well bro, keep it up.

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