Here it is, complete with a sample picture of the beginning Subwoofer:

Here ^ you can see one of the hd's in the back of the case, there is another one mounted next to the cd drive (behind the mobo)

In the first picture, you can see the stock airtube on the side of the sub, heres how i put a fan into it. (after shortening the tube)

^ the fan cut out of its housing (with mounting brackets laid on top)

the fan mounted in the end of the tube. (brackets bent and hotglued on)

the fan sitting happily in its tube.

The tube placement was just about perfect, so the air flow into the case hits the heatsink on the gfx card (fx5200), and also the cpu cooler fan.

but its not a machine that runs too hot anyway... mostly for movie watching/internet.

Total time = 14-16 hours
Total money spent = $60 (512 RAM and rounded IDE cable)
Total learned = PLan the $#@#%&@^ case next time retard!! ops: