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Thread: project F-16 mod

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    project F-16 mod

    Ok I am starting my very first case mod and I am 1 week into it as of right now.
    here are the system spec's
    case: A+case twin engine
    mainboard: foxconn flaming blade x58
    cpu: intel i7 930 2.8ghz
    memmory: G-skill pc 10666
    graphics card: xfx ati hd5750 1 Gddr5
    hdd: wd 5400rpm 500g
    sentury 2 fan controler
    stock cpu cooler

    Planed changes:
    case paint job ( going with the F-16 aggressor theme arctic camo pattern)
    led lighting for a military look on the inside of case
    upgrading cpu cooler to the CM hyper 520n
    adding 2 120 red led fans to top of case
    adding 1 120 green led fan to rear of case
    replacing the stock 250mm fans with new red led 250mm fans
    removing front door
    filling in the 3.5" drive bay

    I am a veteran of OIF (operation Iraqi Freedom). I have always been in love with military aircraft and also tech of all kinds so when i built my 1st system in 07 when I got back from Kuwait in this case. sence then i have been looking at it and thinking what to do to change the way it looks, then i was looking at the f-16 aggressors.
    The way that aircraft looks and with the way the front of this case is made it was an obvious choice. So that is were I got the idea to do this mod.

    work done so far:
    Ordered the cpu cooler, fans, led kit, power button pci panel, fan grill. Filled in the drive bay, removed door and filled in hinges, sanded and primed front bezel, modded the 2 side panels to allow more air flow into case.

    I know that the dates are wrong in the pics, but my camera wont save the settings for date and time.

    case before i started the mod:

    my inspiration for the mod:

    this is my planed paint scheme:

    side panel before i cut the spot for air flow:

    side panel after cutting, not to happy with the lines of the cuts but its my 1st time with a dremil and its not gonna be seen:

    side panel cones before and after.. before is on the right:

    side panel after the mod to it and reassembled:

    front bezel after i filled in the drive bay and hinges:

    front bezel primed:

    first part came in and it is the fan grill for the top fan part of the mod:

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    project F-16 mod

    Welcome to Modders-Inc and welcome to the fun world of case modding!

    That case is a great choice for your idea for your first mod. It is one thing I recommend for new modders is try to start of with a case that had the basic design about you idea or base your idea of of the case. It will make it much more easy for you.

    "I am a veteran of OIF "...Wow awesome! Thank you for your service!

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    project F-16 mod

    thank you and I am glad to have served and will keep up the work and the posts

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    project F-16 mod

    New update on the F-16 mod currently at 90% done was offline for a week or so and couldnt update but here is one big one.

    panted all the parts that were just getting black first:

    then started on the color and boy was it tough to get the paint lines right and not mess them up when i went to the next color:

    top and one of the side cones are 100% done with color i ran out of black so i had to get more:

    well i have more black paint now and wouldnt you know it the weather is gone to crap on me so i am on hold to finish the painting but i have the case 90% together and it is up and running:

    relocated the Hdd:

    case back together mostly:

    system reinstalled into the case:

    still need to finish wire management:

    will finish this up as soon as the weather cooperates

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