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Thread: impacts and water cooling?

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    impacts and water cooling?

    I'm doing some planning for a casemod but I have one problem and two question:

    1 problem:
    I've never done any water cooling ever.

    2 questions:
    Is there any good water cooling tutorials, youtubes, or web pages that you would suggest?

    How are water cooling systems on taking impacts? (i.e. if you drop a case from 12" up or 1/3 a meter how well would the water cooling system stay together without spilling water throughout the case?)

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    impacts and water cooling?

    Hi there monkeyfun.

    I to am new to the water cooling side of things.

    But over the last 6 months that i have been researching for my build, this guy "DazMode" would seem to be the guru of water-cooling.

    There are a few links to him on the "modmen" blog pages in this site

    Or here is his youtube link

    Start at the beginning and all will become clear

    As for the "dropping the case and loop" I would have no idea (other than the loop might stay intact, but would the impact case damage to the sites where it is joined to the mobo???)

    Hope this helps

    el-ninio (elliott )

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