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Thread: Earth Defendor 3000

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    Earth Defendor 3000

    This is the worklog of my latest mod, loosely based on a flac gun, but with a heavy scienfiction theme draped all over it.
    I hope a lot of Trekkies are watching with us, otherwise you might loose some of the treknobabble

    Started doodling in Sketchup, also to determine some general measurements.

    I tried to keep the base 13.7 x 13.7 inches, a rather standard size for PCs.

    Set up the base from square chroom-teryon profile and two transwarp conduits.

    It has a swivel possibility, for more accurate aiming of the isolinear tracking system...:P

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    Earth Defendor 3000

    Sounds great but i cant see the pictures dude

    Could me my end i'll try again laters


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    Earth Defendor 3000

    I had seen a picture before but I was not sure what the swivels where all about. Now I know :-)

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    Earth Defendor 3000

    This showes a tritanium subframe on top of it, and two very heavy terminium cilinders on the bottom.

    Mounted two very cool looking psilosynine actuators.

    This is a nitrium subspace inhibitor-filter, spraypainted black for better heat-conduit.

    Here it is mounted and it also shows a little bit of the PC front.

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    Earth Defendor 3000

    This is very adventurous and I can't wait to see the end product!

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    Earth Defendor 3000

    Started mounting the neccesary secondary transducer cables...

    And the white and blue resonating polarization hoses...

    The first transversale fluxbeam lasergenerator....

    and the other three to stabilise the multibeaming subspace alpha-wave....

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    Earth Defendor 3000

    Holy bejeezus, this looks like another Epic mod about to be born !!!!

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    Earth Defendor 3000

    A multidirectional photon laser in centre position.

    Connect it all with calibrated thalmerite hoses.

    First evening/night setup to try and calibrate.

    Aiming laser on.

    (I see a fluctuation, so there is still a lot of work to do)

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    Earth Defendor 3000

    Is that a big honkin space gun? (More of an SG-1 fan than a Trekkie, but still love the trek!)

    Looks great mate,

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    Earth Defendor 3000

    Hey, look what dropped in; a Gigabyte H55N-USB3 motherboard.
    Thanks to my friends at Gigabyte, thanks Bernice !

    Found this nice subframe made for one of my older mods.

    Strong, light, durable and room enough for this motherboard.

    I use these "laagbolkop inbus" screws. (something something allen head)

    This is how the mobo goes in.

    This mobo will fit anything between a Intel Core i3 540, up to a Intel Core i7 975 Extreme Edition.
    This Coolermaster Vortex Plus fits perfectly to it!
    Thanks Marco!

    Beautifull piece of craftmanship.


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