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Thread: r3volt -- Scratch Build Case **Updated 2/25/2012

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    r3volt -- Scratch Build Case **Updated 2/25/2012

    For Starters, this is my first post. So I want to say Hello.

    Leatherface introduced me to this site after I spoke to him during PAX on my current build.

    Personal Info --
    Name - Rafe
    Age - 22
    Loc - Washington

    ** Updated ** Check Bottom of POST!
    Ill be updating as often as possible, most of the case has already been done. I wasn't aware this site existed prior to starting. But there is still alot to do on this case. And I also will be making a small media server case to host a vent/MC server.

    ** UPDATE ** (prob 2nd to last)
    After much much much work, and the awesome help of my uncle we buffed out the whole case, and got everything all prepped and squared away. Sadly I didn't have a way/chance to take pictures as I placed the vinyls on to the case, but the final pictures do enough justice. If anyone ever has questions about how I did anything on this build I can walk you through it 100%

    She is pretty much done, still never came up with a name for her. But only I can think of one word to sum it up. AWESOME! Again I want to thank everyone for all there help. GraphxOnline YOU ROCK!

    BTW If you are a WA resident I will be @ the next few Lan Events..Next up is EMERALD CITY LAN!
    Check it out @

    BUT!! I did take photo's of our milestones as we were building. I didn't take many when we started. But later on, I took snapshots every chance I got.

    Most of the Parts --

    Wood Mock up --

    Paint Job!! --

    Test Run After Paint

    Outer Shell Assembly --

    8.jpg" alt="" />

    Both Sides Bent and Tacked together --

    Test Fit Inside --

    Final inside touches (Cord Organization) Hot Glue Gun and Tons of Zip ties Later..
    (( Gotta take new Snaps Redid it ))

    Final Shots in the Dark, Still Need to paint and finish adding a few things. --

    -- Was finally able to get back to work @ this thing. Been a rough Month or so.. On the Final Stretch.. Need to WAX and Paint

    Have some 40+ Images to share.. Ill put a few in Display, rest will be a Photo Album :3
    ----------------- -----------------

    Side Paint prior to Vinyl.. High Gloss White/ Clear and Green Pearl

    Vinyl -- Really thankful for Graph X Online -- Worth every penny..

    This was @ PDX Lan 18.5

    This was @ Intel Lanfest in DuPont. Almost won the contest.. hehe (Yes its fully extended)

    Lastly all my regards to the Stores and Family that made this Possible.. ---
    Staley (My father)
    Uncle Ronnie (Best Paint job EVER!)
    NewEgg (
    GraphXOnline (
    Home Depot
    Northwest Pipe and Steal (
    Xoxide (
    PCH Cables (
    Performance PC's (
    All Electronics (
    Svideo (Right Angle DVI's FTW) (
    McNichols (
    And to anyone I may have forgotten. :3

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    r3volt -- Scratch Build Case **Updated 2/25/2012

    Nice to see a complete scratch build.
    Great metal working skills. Props.

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    r3volt -- Scratch Build Case **Updated 2/25/2012

    Cool stuff, welcome to the forums!

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    r3volt -- Scratch Build Case **Updated 2/25/2012

    Welcome to the forums.

    Nice work!

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    r3volt -- Scratch Build Case **Updated 2/25/2012

    Thanks, we still got a ways to go. Should be fun finishing this. We will be making a 2nd scratch build. This one was a real test in the waters.

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    r3volt -- Scratch Build Case **Updated 2/25/2012

    Updated with TONS of images from recent events. The only thing standing in the way of it being 100% is Wax/Vinyl Application some trim and a face plate.

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