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Thread: A noob and his Antec 1200 Paraflow Mod.

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    A noob and his Antec 1200 Paraflow Mod.

    Good morning everybody.

    I know some of you may be thinking "Antec 1200? People still buy those?!"... Yes.. we sure do.

    I've had this one for quite some time though and the project has constantly faced delays due to moving house, monetary restrictions and just general life getting in the way.

    However, I'm finally in a situation where I no longer have any excuses, so please allow me to crack on and dispense the pics required.

    Also I know the lines are a little shoddy on some cuts but there are many reasons for this;
    A) It's my first mod of this scale.
    B) They're internal cuts wont be seen and will be tidied up with the sander and levelled off prior to finishing (Honest).
    C) It's my first mod of this scale.

    Project Sponsors:

    Big thanks to Antec for providing the Case and PSU for this project.

    Huge thanks to XSPC in general and providing us with quality products.

    The Concept:

    I can't really take full credit for this concept as the original idea came from the Beast Paraflow system :

    And there is also another Antec 1200 with a similar design / mod executed in it, I say executed because the mod in question ended up defeating the entire object of the Paraflow system by sealing off the front of the case and forcing air through the front from left to right, meaning one radiator is getting warmed up air. Pedantic I know but I'm hoping to get this one spot on.

    The Reason:

    I'm sure most mods have a reason behind them, a good reason to get away from the wife or boredom perhaps. Either way there's always motivation / reason.

    Mines simple, I've started doing a fair bit of video editing for work and well my i7 920 is cooking in my current Antec 900 with a front mounted 120mm rad, my current water cooling setup could double as a kettle if I could figure out a percolator system. But that in turn is warming up the air coming into the case causing everything in general to get warm as a result of the stupid overclock on my i7.

    So yes, the Paraflow system seems like I could solve all of my problems (as we always like to think... until the next mod that is)

    Anyway that's enough jibber jabber I know why you people clicked the link and it's because you want pictures, so here we go, on with the pictures.

    The Pictures:

    Antec CP-850:

    Firstly the PSU got modded as I want the cleanest looking build possible, Antec kindly supplied me with the CP-850 for this build however the cable arrangement would have made a dogs ear of my cable management plans.

    So I whipped the big bugger apart on a mission to move the cables for easier routing.

    The finished product now with the cables in a position that allows me to slip them right out through the back plate and up the right hand side.

    This is how it should hopefully look in the case, cable free.

    rc=" 4_n.jpg" alt="" />

    The PSU mods were carried out when I first got the parts to do the project, however since then I have moved house a couple more times and this time I now have somewhere to actually do the mods (not on my bed now mwaha ha ha harrr)

    So I started to prep my work area.

    I gave it a quick sweep with the old dustpan and brush and I was all set for Tehya (My Siberian husky cross) to inspect.

    Apparently it wasn't up to her high standards but she said it'll do for now.

    So I started placing the essentials in their new homes.

    Now that was sorted it was time to actually strip this case down and have a good look at it in all it's naked glory.
    (the case was already stripped but I threw it back together for a picture so play along with me here guys)

    Now may be a good time to note the project isn't sponsored by Ribena but I do love it so much.

    So this is what I'd gotten so far, one rad hole positioned and cut out.

    So I stripped it down and we got ready to start again this time with the intention of not stopping till it's done. (or I sever a finger, which ever comes first)

    So this is what I had so far. I needed to duplicate this on the other side however Antec extended the motherboard backplate for some strange reason, so that had to go first.

    So we masked everything off. (When I say we I mean my self and the dog... she helps as much as she can.)

    Almost got it

    Now thats done a quick mockup to make sure everything still fits ok.

    Looks good on the left.

    Looks good on the right too.

    Now that was done it was time to clean up those rough edges of mine to make this a little bit safer to handle.

    So smooth I'd rub my junk on it.. Maybe.

    As you can see rather than just chop the entire sides out I've left the rear and front parts intact,

    The front part is so that I can still fit the front case fans as shown here:

    So looks good and the radiators fit with the front screwed in place it still lines up good.

    Time for a better look at the XSPC gear we've got going in here :


    Although I'm still debating how to configure the front to make it easiest for routing the tubing etc but it I'll have to keep playing see what I settle with:

    Either way thats all I've got for now but mod dog approves.

    I'll update soon with some more pics as and when I can, anybody who's curious all the pictures after the PSU were shot using the new LG Optimus 3D phone

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    A noob and his Antec 1200 Paraflow Mod.

    Post Reserved for finishing pics.

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