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    ____R E S U R R E K T I O N____

    This is a resurrection of a personal project I started years ago titled "Psychosis". Half way into it, I decided the P-1 era chassis wouldn't fit my vision. After reviewing CM's 912 basic and seeing that they just started their annual mod contest, I figured I would "resurrect" the project and enter the 912 chassis. However I don't think I'll make the deadline. This is a personal build, not be confused my Bio-Mechanical PC project which is still shelved until I've reached some decisions on it.

    Click Image To Case Mod Store

    120mm blow hole kit,

    Overkill 120mm Ring,

    Painting the chassis FLAT BLACK Enamel.

    r_case_mod_2011_mnpctech1_RESURREKTION9z9i.jpg" alt="" />

    The HD will be mounted on the bezel. Here is the windowed shell for the HD.

    Everything will be covered with Black PSU Sleeving Kit

    Mounted the rear vents

    June 18, 2011 Update,

    I wanted this build to be the 1st with "hand painted" artwork on the TUF shield, that reflects the theme I created on the chassis. So I enlisted Brad's paint skills. In return, he asked that I take him out to dinner at Big Bowl with Knob Creek and Cokes :cooldude: which is fine dining to us backwoods hicks. So, the cover for optional 50mm fan served as nice location for bio-mech skull taken from the front of the chassis. Brad chalked out general idea and location for the artwork. Other than using hand made square ribbon stencil and corsair 600T intake grill as a stencil, everything was painted off the cuff, freehand without stencils. Since ASUS was kind enuf to send me the p67, it's only proper that their logo gets incorporated into the artwork. (since I removed their stickers!) I'm also leaning toward anodizing their Green heatsinks Black...btw" Notice how the mb heatsink matches the Green paper on the table perfectly? coincidence or a warning to not change them?.... btw: You won't see the brown & tan gpu slots

    Don't pay $40 for professional airbrush stencils! Make your own, grab image online, edit in photochop, print it, then cut it yourself with Xacto knife.

    I just happen to have an intake grill from corsair 600T in my It served as perfect stencil for airbrushing the mesh grid background. Otherwise Round Modders Mesh would have worked too!

    1st official custom "hand painted design" asus sabertooth?

    This Holiday weekend allowed me to forge forward! HD cover mounted, tried 5mm Green LEDs, but I'm thinking White would be better.

    Black sleeving,

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    ____R E S U R R E K T I O N____

    This is really nice. I love the painted board effects. Really cool stuff. And the see-me HDD is great as well.

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    ____R E S U R R E K T I O N____

    This thing looks just plain evil!

    I would not want to have to be alone in a room with it at night. 8O

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    ____R E S U R R E K T I O N____

    Thanks for the comments guys! I'm enjoying this one. it's waited too long.

    I mounted the two I&H 225 Reservoirs on the bezel, which now looks very "Trek" on it's own fyi: Ian Hall made these reservoirs by hand and it appears he stopped them. I couldn't find them in stock anywhere. Dropped him a message other day, to see whats up?

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    ____R E S U R R E K T I O N____

    Nice job Bill! :P

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    ____R E S U R R E K T I O N____

    Thank you! Here is the chassis so far with Reservoirs mounted.

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    ____R E S U R R E K T I O N____

    looking sick already
    ... cant wait for more

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    ____R E S U R R E K T I O N____

    those reservoirs do look kind of trekie laying down by themselves but upright in the system they look great and super slick. :wink:

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    ____R E S U R R E K T I O N____

    Thanks for the good word dudes!

    Overkill ring, 120mm for top exhaust fan, I paint flat Black, then scuffed all of the edges with sandpaper

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    ____R E S U R R E K T I O N____

    And another found object I've saved for this build, It's a 3x120mm Mounting frame from NZXT Khaos tower I dismantled awhile back. Fits perfect! and with some slight modification, it will serve as location for my radiator.

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