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I've been running this through my head since the begining of the year. I knew that AMD would soon be releasing an eight core CPU code-named: Bulldozer. I knew I also had to do a tribute mod as well.

I hoping to get with the stores' AMD rep and maybe acquire a sponsorship from AMD once the chip is released. Then I can fill it with components and display it in the store for customers to gawk at.

My very first sketches have always started with the Cooler Master HAF 912.

Within a few minutes I quickly stripped the whole thing down

My choice of paint just has to be John Deere Yellow

And it goes on easy and looks incredible

I always love to have strong contrasting colors within the case

I also strive for color consistency with matching bay drive covers too

Then I stack two Cooler Master 120mm fans for the intake

I didn't recolor the black plastic because it was already perfect

I'll be customizing the right panel next

More to Come