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Thread: Tt eSPORTS KB/Mouse ASSAULT Edition

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    Tt eSPORTS KB/Mouse ASSAULT Edition

    Hello Everyone! :wink:

    After reading the contest details I was thinkig what unique design could improve the 'standard' awesome looking of this keyboard...
    Ideas after ideas and last I've made this Urban Camouflage.

    Every soldier needs professional aiming equipment. Take this and you'll lead your team to win.

    You don't want to be compromised. Your position needs to under cover. The enemy must look through your camouflage without no alert. Now you can hide fromthe enemy scouts.

    Choose your weapon and let the fight begin...

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    Tt eSPORTS KB/Mouse ASSAULT Edition

    In my plans (after disassembling) the main fram of the kb will be fine-sanded to get paintable material. This surface gets a black layer then the camouflage patterns will be sprayed with stencils and masking.

    The tri-angle logo of the keyboard will be made from 1mm thick aluminium sheet. It will be used for fan grill.

    The mouse painting will be the same procedure...

    I am waiting for your replies. You like it? :roll:

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