As a disclaimer, I realize it might be similar to the leobiendurana's design idea. If you guys think its too close to his idea, I'll take it down and try something else. I had wanted to do an aluminum kb & mouse but the keyboard I wanted to do it with lacks some flash that I'm used to.

First off, I want to use the Meka G1:

I'll soften the edges, give is a curve, and switch out the red LEDs for blue then back light the keys with blue LEDs.

Here's the rendering:

For the mouse, I'll use a Azurues Mini.

I'd be doing it with the same qualities as the keyboard. I'd use aluminum, switch out the LED with a blue and put in an extra LED to light up the Dragon.

Once again, leobiendurana, if you feel this is too close to your design, I'll try something else. You won't hurt my feelings, I'll just have to spend some more time brain storming.