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Thread: New case i got some questions

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    New case i got some questions

    AHOY THERE MATEYS!!! anyhoo i got a new case in transit along with other stuff and i wanted to know what you thin or if you have any expriences with it is a

    logisys clear acrylic case
    comes with 3 led blue fans

    my question is how are acrylic cases this is my first one and i just want to know what you guys would do to make one last i will however be doing a nice little light show

    i will have this is the case when it gets here

    2x uv blue cathodes
    3x uv purple and green led fans
    2x uv green round cables
    some tie raps
    and next week i am ordering some uv green sleeving.

    any thoughts?

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    New case i got some questions

    the problem I had with mine (my first from scratch) was the inaccessible right (MoBo) side, the whole thing had to come out to change any drives, and don't get me started on WM. best of luck to you on this one, they are meant to be flashy pieces of art, make us proud.

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    New case i got some questions

    acrylic is an insulator, that is all im gonna say

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    New case i got some questions

    dont let it get too hot, or the sides melt! ;-P

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    New case i got some questions

    Thats a lotta lights! My only problem w/ acrylic would be havinog to stare at the CCFL bulbs. I prefer a glow cast on the system by CCFL's that are hidden behind something opaque so you can't see the bulb directly.. (gives me a headache... plus looks n00bish IMO).

    I think you should do some painting on this bad boy, like that one case... Must Kill Teddy Bears... or something, then you could hide the CCFL's behind some paint strips... Just a thought. Tis your case, and your eyes

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    New case i got some questions

    That is the exact same case I made the MKTB's case from. Think of it as a foundation to what could be a finished mod. The cool thing about acrylic is it's easily changed and replaced. the bad is it easily broken.

    I never had a problem with heat with mine. For the most part I liked the case. getting into it was a bitch and I found that i left all 27 friken side screws out and just kept the door on with 2 or 3.

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    New case i got some questions

    well november is my birthday so i might ha ve some crap to hide it behind then cause i am going SLI with socket 939 with watercooling i might go am2 but who noes

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    New case i got some questions

    Socket 939 isn't dead yet.

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    New case i got some questions

    I had a sunbeam acrylic case as my first case and I must agree thegrimone, it was the worst thing to work on as it takes about an hour to install any thing in the drive bays and nothing is toolless. Also, Acrylic cases can look really sweet, but be warned, they require a lot of work, especially in cable managemnt as everything is seen. So minimize some maintence, I would say that dust filters are definately a must, especially on the front fan that blows over the hdd as dust can get in and clog up the platters.

    On a final note, acrylic has a melting point of about 266 degrees f, so theres nothing to worry about there.

    Good luck

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