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Thread: Batmouse and batkeyboard (Tortured soul)

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    Batmouse and batkeyboard (Tortured soul)

    Well its my second design
    the shape is achieved with fiberglass or thermoformed, totally black with a red light at the keyboard as the base.
    la forma se logra con fibra de vidrio o termoformado, totalmente negro con luz roja tanto en el teclado como en la base del mismo.

    the batfan:

    Based on the Batmobile, the Bat will have wings, but go a little separated from the mouse to handle it with ease, the "turbo" the Batmobile will be a microsd reader.
    Basado en el batimovil, las tendra las alas de murcielago, pero iran un poco separadas del mouse para manejarlo con facilidad, el "turbo" del batimovil sera un lector de microsd.

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    Batmouse and batkeyboard (Tortured soul)

    Great Idea!

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    Batmouse and batkeyboard (Tortured soul)

    sure master,..... that looks great master, the truth better than the centurion..... excuse my english............XD.

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