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Thread: Decepticon Starscream by Renovatio #01

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    Decepticon Starscream by Renovatio #01

    Hi everyone, I recently found out the contest! I hope to post more entries!

    I apologize if very brief text lol! .. I'm trying to do more options...

    metallic paint (general body)
    black satin paint (tattoo)

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    Decepticon Starscream by Renovatio #01

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    Decepticon Starscream by Renovatio #01

    I'm not offended in the least bit, but I find it odd that someone else submitted a Transformers one AFTER I did...

    Edit: I call shenanigans now. These aren't the same pics that were up when the deadline came to. You're not supposed to change that stuff after the deadline. :evil:

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