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Thread: Battle Dragon Bag - Update #26 - 8/26/2012

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    Battle Dragon Bag - Update #30 - 9/4/2012

    Battle Dragon Bag Case sponsored by:

    TT eSports

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    It’s that time again and I’ve got that modding itch. This new project was inspired by TT eSport’s Battle Dragon Bag.

    When I saw this bag my eyes glazed over and I went to that happy place in a modder’s head. I couldn’t see any reason why you’d only want to tote around peripherals in that bag. Why not put a whole desktop in it? Why not make a desktop-monitor combo that easily fits inside this bag? I can make a sweet computer that can be easily toted around in the Battle Dragon Bag. When I spoke with a representative with ThermalTake eSports, they seemed excited by the idea.

    To start things off, I made measurements to determine exactly how big I could make the computer case and still be able to fit the various components in the bag as well. I took into consideration that I can remove the middle partition of the bag then reattach it with Velcro. I've even consulted with a seamstress who can do it for me. The case height needs to be statically set to 12" (30.5cm). The length and width can be modified as long as the proportions oscillate inversely. The maximum length is 20" to a 5" width and the maximum width is 6" to a 18" length. I've designed this case to be 18.5" long by 5.5" wide. I've also designed the case to have the motherboard set reverse in the case. What this means is if you look at the open side panel of the case the I/O ports will be on the right side, rather than the traditional left.

    The first picture is a view of what will be the front/top/bottom panel and the back I/O panel. The middle strip will be a piece of illuminated red acrylic that will run the whole perimeter of the case. It will be lit up with two custom made red LED strips. Both of the power and reset switches will be Vandal LED switches. The fan/radiator port on the front of the case will be framed by a MNPCTech Overkill "Honeycomb" 120mm Fan Grill.

    Overkill "Honeycomb" 120mm Fan Grill

    The back panel will show the Thermaltake TTeSports logo. The TTeSports logo will be back-lit with lighted piece of clear or red acrylic. The front panel will have a window with a Chinese dragon etched into the window and a small Tt trademark in the lower right corner.

    Here is the general layout of the case components. I've left enough space to work with either air cooling or water cooling. The video card will be placed horizontally with the motherboard using a 5" PCIe flexible extender ribbon. Originally, I made this design for an enclosed water cooling system, so I’ll probably have to shuffle the hard drives around if I install a reservoir and a pump.

    First question people have asked me when I describe this project is: Why not just buy a laptop? Simple answer: a good desktop will have more power than ANY laptop on the market. I like power.

    So… what do you guys think? I apologize in advance for the simplistic drawings. I’m working on learning Sketchup and figuring out how to make represent my ideas in a better fashion.
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