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Thread: Battle Dragon Bag - Update #26 - 8/26/2012

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    Quote Originally Posted by FredCompany View Post
    I can't see your pictures
    I'm using Chrome on Vista (groan). Where are they hosted?

    Just thought they might be blocked by Adblock Plus

    Edit: Whitelisting Modders Inc did nothing. I think I need to whitelist your image host.
    I'm hosted through Yahoo Small Business. The domain name is
    Try whitelisting the domain. You can also try viewing it through another forum to see if there's any redirect that's messing with things.
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    Update #30: The morning before and during PAX

    When I finally had everything put together and ready to test it was about 4am on Friday morning. I plugged in all of the input and output devices. I had all of my disks and update files ready.

    And then it didn’t power on. PANIC.

    I had to semi-disassemble the computer to trouble shoot everything. I verified that the on/off switch was wired correctly. I verified that everything was plugged in. I tried another power supply… and success. I began trouble shooting the power supply… but every single cable is sleaved. So I made a judgment call. I wanted to have something to display at the panel for people to see. I could have slapped any old power supply in the computer and got it up and running. So I kept the nicely sleaved power supply out for people to see and put a jury-rigged power supply into the computer so that people could see the water cooling and lighting.

    That being said, my build still isn’t done. *sigh* I will need to figure out what pins I screwed up on and then SLEAVE THE ENTIRE PSU AGAIN…

    So after getting 3 hours sleep, I hauled everything down to the convention center. This is where I digress; feel free to ignore this part of my update as it’s all about PAX and presenting modding at the crafting panel at PAX.

    Since I had purchased two seats, I set up two computers at the BYOC: One for use and the other for display. Unfortunately, there was no casemod competition for this BYOC. But that was okay as I was a sleaved PSU short of a complete case anyhow. I wandered around the Exhibition Hall and swung by the Gigabyte & the NZXT booths. Lee Harrington (another great modder) and Irene (with Gigabyte) were at the Gigabyte booth and showed off all their new mods and mobos.

    I specifically swung by the NZXT booth to see Bill Owen’s Bladerunner case. It is a beauty.

    Eventually, Saturday rolled around and I had to speak on the panel. Here are pictures of people lining up to see us speak…

    …and the line went around the corner too… Here are the other panelist and I getting ready for the panel:

    I created a quick little cheat sheet… this list got much longer the closer to the start time.

    Here’s a quick shot of the display for people to see. I had the TTeSports bag out, the case displayed, the Gigabyte bag (and mobo mentioned), the Thermaltake sleaved PSU on the table with a sample of Mayhem’s Tharsis Red:

    And then the people started coming in… we were told that between 325-400 were in the room with another couple of hundred turned away due to lack of space….

    Here is a picture of the complete panel: from left to right

    Myself (Dingo Casemodder/monkeyfun/bitterfun/Gentleman Dingo)
    Amanda Casperson (
    Heather Dery (
    Tally Heilke (
    Sewing Punzie (
    Anne Wheaton (

    Here’s me beginning my talk on modding:

    The first slide had some of my cases and some cases I liked at PDXLAN:
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    The next three were process slides:

    Unfortunately there were some technical difficulties as they were unable to play the short 1-2 minute movies I provided. After everyone was done doing there little presentations, the floor was opened for questions and answers.

    After the panel was over, I took some time to answer individual questions.

    …and was joined by two other modders: Boddaker and DragonPhreak. Thanks for helping out guys!

    The next morning… the PAX Enforcers decided to mod my mod. I felt loved.

    The next update might be a little delayed as I’m going to be un-sleaving my PSU and trying this again. Thanks for reading!!!
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    Whitelisted your domain and still no pictures in Chrome. They work fine in Firefox though, and I can survive switching :P

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    They work fine here in Chrome.

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    Quote Originally Posted by FredCompany View Post
    Whitelisted your domain and still no pictures in Chrome. They work fine in Firefox though, and I can survive switching :P
    Quote Originally Posted by Tazz View Post
    They work fine here in Chrome.
    Hmmmm... I'm posting with Chrome too... well if it makes any difference I'll be switching domains here in the semi-near future. So hopefully it won't be a problem for long.


    Couldn't make it to PAX for the crafting panel? Well, you can watch my nervousness in front of hundreds of people with youtube!

    Two things to note:
    The panel organizer included to pictures of cases from PDXLAN that I didn't make but were included in a large batch of photos as awesome examples of other cases out there.
    I can provide links to the two videos that, due to technical difficulties, they were unable to show on the lost-foam casting.
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    FF at work and all the images are fine.

    Gets a little nerve wrecking when you have to get up in a front of a lot of people doesn't it. I have gotten used to it... finally. Craig (Tech-Daddy) he is just a natural in front of any size crowd
    Cut it, Paint it, Mod it. Void Your Warranty #moddersinc @moddersinc

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