This was my previous project. The challenge was to mod a really old case who had really seen better days (10 years) to make it look like a modern modden case in a period of a week with materials that I could get within that time period (nothing was bought or ordered outside of that period). I did not have in mind however that old cases where obviously not designed for modern parts, the heat they cause and even less, cable sorting, so a lot of work went into these specific facts. While at several times I was screaming at it (that never works but we hope someday it will lol) I did have a lot of fun, and the stress of it was mostly because of continous work on it, and not intermitent or whenever I feel like it which is the normal case with worklogs.

The most important reason to do it in a week however was the fact that, it was my week of work and it had been a while since I´d done any modding (about 2 years).

In the end, this was the result, and it took 3 days in total : )

For the actual worklog:
Mod in a Week Workilog @ Modders-Inc